Coconut Water Is Coconut Juice

by Graham Kelly

The popularity of coconut water has exploded as more and more people discover its benefits as a rehydration drink that is also great for the heart, kidney and liver. But some confusion surrounds the term ‘coconut water’. It is actually the same thing as ‘coconut juice’, the refreshingly clear liquid that is found inside all young, green coconuts.

One of the best products on the market is CoCo Juice from Dr Antonio Martins. Why is it so special? Well, this world-renowned sports medicine and nutrition specialist has patented a process that overcomes the problem of keeping coconut juice fresh once outside the coconut. It normally oxidises and some suppliers overcome this by either adding artificial preservatives or using high temperature heat treatments like pasteurisation. Both those methods compromise the clean taste and nutritional value of coconut juice or water.

Dr Martin’s patented process passes the juice through a filter with microscopic pores before it is cold-asceptically packaged in airtight cartons. This means that coconut juice is now available outside the tropics in its natural state – virgin, pure and organic, with no preservatives of any kind. If you were on a sun-drenched tropical beach and drank from a freshly cracked coconut, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

This drink is not called the ‘Fluid of Life’ for nothing. Its electrolyte level re-balances the body’s fluids and it is great for eliminating toxins. It also has a balanced proportion of potassium, calcium, magnesium and sodium for a speedy re-vitalisation and re-hydration after physical exertion. It is naturally isotonic, is the fruit juice with the lowest calories and has less than 0.2% fat.

So, if you want excellent rehydration after some physical exercise like a hot yoga or bikram yoga session, or you just want to do your body a favour with this remarkable organic drink, tro coconut water or coconut juice – it’s the same thing really!

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