Police Invade High School in Mass Drug Raid- Find One piece of “Paraphernalia”

By Phil Leggiere |
Police from various jurisdictions swarm on a Connecticut High School with police dogs, ransack over a hundred cars in the parking lot, rifle through lockers and find- rolling papers. An embarrassing misapplication of force? Nah. Not according to the school superintendent who quite proudly said terrorizing students was worth it to prove the school was drug free. 

WTHN Reports

Officers from numerous police departments charged into Wethersfield High School Thursday to hunt for drugs.

Armed with police dogs, officers from Wethersfield, Rocky Hill, Manchester and New Britain raided the high school at 411 Wolcott Hill Road.

Locker by locker and room by room, police and their dogs sniffed around to send the school district’s message that drugs will not be taken lightly.

Police also searched more than 100 cars in the school’s parking lot, which led to the arrest of one student for drug paraphernalia.

Police ended up not finding any drugs, and that lone arrest is something School Superintendent Michael Kohlhagen is proud of.

“This is just one step in the right direction, to ensure our students continue to learn and thrive in a drug free environment.” Kohlhagen said and later added, “This issue has been and remains a priority; our entire administration and faculty remain committed to the health, safety and welfare of our students.”

Kohlhagen said Thursday’s raid proves that Wethersfield High School is safe and drug free.

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