Paul Stott on Anarchism in the U.K.

Via I Intend To Escape … And Come Back

The last three episodes of Ian Bone’s interviews on Resonance FM, in the “Anarchism in the UK” series, are now available to download. 

“The interviews include Andy from Freedom Press on the redevelopment at the Whitechapel book store, Sandy from Liberty & Solidarity on a new anarchist grouping, and my good self. My 11th January conversation with Ian managed to ramble through Class War, the royal family, the rise of the far-right, the dangers of Islamism – oh and meeting dubious ladies in Kings Cross pubs.”

— Paul Stott

You can download it here

There are 3 audio files in the download, all are well worth listening to however the 11th Jan file contains the interview with Paul Stott.
UPDATE: You can now stream the show here without downloading, thanks to