ID Cards Under Fire

Ministers trying to extend identity card scheme by stealth say Lib Dems
Commenting on reports that measures will be introduced to allow state officials to demand a person’s proof of identity at all times, Liberal Democrat Shadow Home Secretary, Chris Huhne said:
“Ministers seem to be breaking their promise that no one would ever have to carry an ID card. They are leaving the back door open by giving themselves the option to make the carrying of an ID card compulsory in future.

“This is a sly and underhand way of extending the ID card scheme by stealth.

“If this is included in legislation, it will be the worst example of creeping state power since the outrageous plan, thankfully jettisoned, to allow ministers to create criminal offences with a sentence of up to two years in prison without even a debate in Parliament.”

‘Expensive and intrusive’ & should be ditched says SNP
SNP Westminster Home Affairs Spokesman, Pete Wishart MP, has expressed concern over reports that immigration and citizenship proposals in the Queen’s Speech contain clauses which will give state officials the power, previously reserved for times of war, to demand proof of identity at any time.
Currently, state officials can only ask for proof of identity if there is reasonable suspicion that an individual has committed a crime but according to analysis by Liberty, only those who have never been abroad for business or on holiday would be exempt under the new legislation.

Mr Wishart said:
“This looks like another slippery attempt by the UK Government to introduce ID cards by the back door.

“Labour’s abysmal record on data protection is reason enough to abandon ID cards but it is even more absurd pushing ahead with this costly project given the dire state of the UK Government’s finances.