How Much Do You Want to Bet Bush Issues Pardons of the Crimes You Claim Don’t Exist?

Dear Congress,

Many of you, including both of your nominees for the throne and your Speaker and Minority Leader, claim to believe that George W. Bush and gang have not committed any crimes. To reward your perceptiveness, courage, and integrity, I would like to offer to contribute to your campaigns for reelection (in 2010 or later) if Bush does not issue any pardons for any of the crimes found in Congressman Kucinich’s articles of impeachment. I’m making this easy on you, because you’ve already pardoned Bush himself and all of his accomplices, through legislation, for violations of FISA and for illegal detentions. You have time remaining to legislatively pardon everything else. Plus, by failing to uphold the old laws (such as the Constitution) on spying and election fraud you are setting us up for a “victory” by John McCain, who could be counted on by Bush to issue pardons. Nonetheless, I am willing to bet you that Bush issues pardons. He may even attempt self-pardons, but what I am predicting are pardons of others or blanket pardons of anyone (perhaps including himself) involved in particular crimes. To claim a contribution to your reelection campaign, you have to publicly commit right now to making a contribution to if Bush DOES issue pardons of any of the crimes found in the articles of impeachment. I am confident you will make this commitment given your refusal to impeach and the absurdity of thinking that someone might issue pardons for crimes his administration is not guilty of.

David Swanson