Karachi, Pakistan in large-scale power

Karachi, Pakistan’s largest city, the outbreak of the electricity supply dispute, 6 occurred on the morning of large-scale power, originally made on the face of food shortages and higher prices of 13 million people more panic.

Local time at 8:00 on the 6th, Pakistan State Energy Agency cut off the supply of electricity to Karachi, resulting in more than 13 million population of Karachi in power, including industrial, commercial, ports, medical facilities, places all power in the “shock” status . State Energy Agency spokesman said that the supply is cut off because the power companies have not repay the arrears of accounts. Hydropower Development Bureau under the agency officials said, from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and other foreign joint venture enterprises in Karachi power company has accumulated arrears of nearly 35 billion rupees (about 550 million US dollars) electricity, but ignoring the continuous development of hydropower continuous reminder accounts. Stop supply is a last resort move.

Electricity has become a major ills in Pakistan. To address operator confusion, poor facilities, such as theft, a serious problem, the Government of Pakistan to implement reforms, the introduction of privatization. 2005 restructuring of the company to set up in Karachi is a product of reform, but the problem could not be effectively addressed. Karachi has been complaining about the power company and the electricity sector units owed electricity, so that enterprises operating difficulties. Power company said that the negotiations will be resumed as soon as possible a comprehensive supply As for the incident reflected the lack of electricity, operating difficulties, at least five years to ease. (Huang Huan)