Anti-ID Card Protesters Arrested

By Nick Ward | POLICE made a dozen arrests after a group of anarchists staged a protest at the Home Office buildings in Sheffield.

Members of the Anarchists’ Federation arrived at Vulcan House in Millsands on the Riverside in Sheffield city centre at around 8.30am to mount a protest against the Government’s ID card scheme.

After being refused entry by security staff many of the protesters chained themselves to the building forcing hundreds of staff to enter via the emergency exits.

The protesters were warned by police that they would be arrested if they did not move on.

By 11.30am officers had cleared the area after making 12 arrests for alleged aggravated trespass.

Those arrested were taken into custody and spent the rest of the day being questioned.

A spokesperson for the Anarchists Federation said: “The demonstration was against the national rolling out of ID cards for non-EU nationals as well as against ID cards in general.

“The police treated us very fairly and warned us that anyone who failed to move on would be arrested.”

Additional Information Thanks To Defy ID

*Activists from around Yorkshire were involved in this.

*Noone was refused entry as noone was trying to enter the building anyway. (it was shut at that time so of course noone would be allowed in)

*11 people were arrested, not 12.

*By 8pm everyone had been released with a caution.