US-led NATO and its Puppets Ignite Factional Violence in Syria

Analyst Michel Chossudovsky believes that the objective of the United States and its NATO partners is “to create factional violence, ethnic cleansing, promote divisions within Syria between Alawite Shi’ites and Christian communities.”

New videos have surfaced online showing foreign-sponsored militants committing more terrorist acts in Syria. One of the videos, posted on the internet recently, shows heavily armed men shooting down a civilian airliner in the city of Dayr al-Zawr in eastern Syria. Another video uploaded to a social media website shows a militant attack on the Taftanaz military airport in the Northwest of the country. The footage shows militants firing truck-mounted weapons and a tank on fire. Another video shows militants from the al-Qaeda linked al-Nusra Front executing three Syrian Army soldiers, who were reportedly captured by the terrorists in Dayr al-Zawr.

Press TV talks with Prof. Michel Chossudovsky, Director of the Centre for Research on Globalization in Montreal, regarding the issue. The following is an approximate transcript of the interview.

Press TV: Has the so-called Free Syrian Army become so desperate that it is attacking civilian airplanes? Why cannot it sit down at the negotiating table?

Chossudovsky: The Free Syrian Army is really a network of terrorist entities. It is not professional armed forces. It does not have commanded control; it does not have logistics and much of these terrorist attacks are conducted by the Al-Nusra Front which is said to be an affiliated to al-Qaeda in Iraq.

In fact, the former ambassador to Syria has confirmed that it is affiliated to al-Qaeda in Iraq and we know that this group is supported covertly by Western intelligence as well as NATO. These al-Nusra operations bear the fingerprints of US paramilitary training.

They are integrated by mercenaries; they use terror tactics and weapon systems and I think it is very important to underscore that, within their ranks, they have embedded especial forces or the employees of private security companies.

Now that does not mean that officially the United States is supporting this group. It is a covert operation. The irony is that Jabhat Al-Nusra is on the list of terrorist organizations of the United States department.

Press TV: We know that President Bashar al-Assad made a speech several days ago and announced several proposals for the political crisis to Syria. Just how much are these proposals going to work for Syria, do you think?

Chossudovsky: I think that, first of all, the scanty reports that we are receiving, not from the Western media but from other sources, indicate that the Free Syrian Army is being defeated, that government forces are gaining ground and are in a process of repealing these terrorist attacks so that, let’s say from the military strategic point of view, there is a turning point.

Now the proposal of course presented by President Bashar al-Assad is a very important proposal because first of all, he states very explicitly that the so-called and self-proclaimed opposition which is involved in insurgency, which is killing people, the Syrian government cannot negotiate with them and the bulk of the so-called opposition are involved in terrorist acts directed against civilians; they are involved in ethnic cleansing.

We know this and it is so well-documented that the objective of the United States and its NATO partners is to create factional violence, ethnic cleansing, promote divisions within Syria between Alawite Shi’ites and Christian communities and these communities are being targeted.

I should say that the Sunnis are also being targeted because many Sunnis are saying we do not support this process and then they had categorized these traitors and they are executed by these terrorist groups and as I said, it is very important.

This is not a civil war; this is US-NATO sponsored insurgency; it bears the fingerprints of the death squadrons which were actually set up in Iraq a few years earlier in the mid 90s by Ambassador [John] Negroponte and his number two man was Robert Stephen Ford, the former [US] ambassador to Syria.

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