‘US anti-Iran claim on Yemen, unfounded’

An Iranian lawmaker has rejected as unfounded US claims about Iran’s interference in Yemen, describing Washington’s presence as the actual cause of instability in the region.

Ahmad Shohani said on Monday that the US accusations about Iran’s interference in Yemen’s domestic affairs are unfounded and based on political agendas.

Shohani said the US officials are trying to score political points by making anti-Iranian remarks.

“Over the past few years, the US has tried to create Iranophobia among regional countries by leveling accusations at Iran,” Shohani said, adding that Washington has, over the past year in particular, made the allegation of Iran’s interference in Yemen by “provoking the Yemeni officials.”

US Ambassador to Yemen Gerald Feierstein on Sunday accused Iran of interfering in Yemen’s domestic affairs.

Shohani added, “The US and the West are trying to influence regional public opinion by creating a negative anti-Iranian climate through using the media under their control and justify their meddlesome presence in the region by exploiting this hazy atmosphere,” Shohani said.

“The US seeks to create tension in the region, because tension serves this country’s interest as it can sell its weapons,” the Iranian lawmaker added.

Commenting on the same issue, another Iranian lawmaker, Seyyed Baqer Hosseini, said, “The Islamic Republic of Iran is against the disintegration of any Muslim country, because it considers the disintegration of regional countries, including Yemen, against the interests of the Muslim world and in the interests of enemies.”

Hosseini added, “Tehran respects other countries’ sovereignty and the nations’ right to determine [their] own fate and will never countenance interference in other countries’ internal affairs.”