UK Lib Dems slammed for welfare vote

Labour MPs have slammed the Lib-Dems for backing the government’s welfare benefits cuts.

British Labour MPs have criticized the Liberal Democrats for ensuring a Commons victory in the coalition government’s benefit changes.

Reacting to the support of the Tories’ coalition partners for the controversial Welfare Uprating Bill, Halton Labour MP Derek Twigg said that the Liberal Democrats should “hang their heads in shame.”

Only four of the 57 Liberal Democrat MPs voted against the government’s plans to limit annual increases in working-age benefits to 1 percent for the next three years. Two other Liberal Democrats voted both ways in a form of abstention.

Twigg said Labour MPs would also pursue ministers to find out how many disabled people will be hit by the Bill.

Labour backbenchers spoke passionately about the suffering of poor people in their own constituencies, but the government side ran out of speakers for the debate in the Commons on January 8 an hour before the end.

North Durham MP Kevan Jones interrupted an angry outburst by right-wing Tory Aidan Burley to tell him, “The only worklessness in this chamber today is on the Tory back benches. There has been an average of only 12 Tory backbenchers all afternoon.”

This comes as the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) said about 7 million working households in the UK will have their incomes slashed by the benefits cap introduced by the Chancellor George Osborne.