3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Blogging

by Jessica Wagner

It’s not going to work if you simply have a web site and you’re expecting all of the business to just fall in your lap. In today’s, Internet ruled, market every business needs to be using every tool that’s available to them and that includes the huge power of social media. Not just Facebook and LinkedIn but having your business create a blog can make a huge impact on your success.

First and foremost, it’s about presence. Every business needs to establish themselves. By creating a blog, you’ll be able to offer up information about your various features and services and it’s one of the easiest and quickest ways to get attention to yourself, as well as affordable. As industry leaders and entrepreneurs like Neil Patel, who currently runs a site that teaches people how to play online poker, have stated that it’s essential to increase your online presence by utilizing the many tools of social media.

Simply put, a blog get’s the world out and helps you attract new customers. By creating new posts and articles you’re increasing your content. Consider using your blog as another location that you can utilize the power of off-site optimization. This is when you create links in online content that direct people back to your web site where they can then learn more about your services. This has often been considered one of the most effective approaches to SEO that’s been employed by highly successful companies, like KISSmetrics.

Blogs and various feeds often increase a web site’s search ranking. This is essential for businesses to succeed on the web given the fact that if your ranking is too low, you’re not likely to attract new business. You can design your blog to where every time you update it, the search engine is then notified and you can increase your online profile and ranking.

There are other incredibly important things you should be doing with a blog that usually go without saying. If you’re using it to increase awareness of your web site or business then you need to remain active in the online community. This is for a multitude of reasons such as: staying connected with your base, creating new/fresh content so your business seems vibrant and active, and remaining relevant to fluctuating social changes. If you’re doing all of these things then there’s no reason why your business couldn’t benefit exponentially from employing the use of a blog. Even if it is just to increase your company’s online rep.

Jessica Wagner is a freelance writer who dreams of one day owning her own business. Until then, she writes about entrepreneurship.