Jason Tovey Misses Match As Dog Eats Passport

Rugby star Jason Tovey is in the doghouse with his coach after being forced to miss a match – because his puppy ate his passport.

Red-faced Tovey, 23, had to call his coach on Friday to explain he would not be part of the line-up.

The Welshman was due to play for the Cardiff Blues against Toulon in France in a Heineken Cup clash.

He was packed and ready to go when he discovered the tattered remains of his passport after its run-in with his Labrador puppy Buster.

Two gaping holes and an array of canine teeth marks made it clear that the outside half would not be joining his team mates after all, he revealed with a picture on on his Twitter account, @jtov10 .

Despite his disappointment Tovey himself, who will now watch the match on television, was able to see the funny side.

“It’s a bit like the old schoolboy excuse that the dog ate my homework,” he said.

“Buster is always chewing things but usually it’s my sock and shoes. As soon as I saw the passport I thought I’d never get through airport security with it.”

A Cardiff Blues spokesman added: “Jason rang to say what happened. He’s in the doghouse.”

News of Tovey’s plight rapidly became a talking point among rugby fans on Twitter with many making comical comments about his mishap.

Gareth Llewellyn was among many who saw the funny side of his predicament.

“My heart goes out to Blues outside half Jason Tovey – this was always happening to my homework when I was at school,” he tweeted.

Paul Williams tweeted: “Not true that Jason Tovey can’t play against Toulon because his dog ate his passport. According to his mother’s letter he forgot his PE kit.”

Rugby fan Gareth Williams posted: “You can’t make it up.” Becky Prime simply tweeted: “Unreal.”