Is Google+ A Failure?

As a social network, Google Plus was supposed to compete with Facebook and Twitter. It was supposed to step up to the plate and immediately drive users to desert the other networks in favor of Google. It was supposed to elevate Google from being simply being a search engine company with some cool applications to be a social media giant. Obviously, Google hasn’t come close to competing with the other social media sites that it hoped to. So the first question to answer is: What went wrong?

First, Google got into the game much too late. Google plus is fine social network, without any terrible flaws. But it’s not Facebook. It’s not Twitter. And people have already flocked to those websites and became members early in the game, when social networking was in its infancy. By not getting into the game when the shot clock was high, Google has forced itself into a difficult shot: trying to force people off of those other social networks and into theirs. That’s not nearly as easy as it sounds, especially when those brands are established and respected. Google should have recognized the strength and potential of social networking early on and responded to the consumer desire to share their lives online. Now Google is playing a game of catch up they might never recover from.

The second mistake was that Google didn’t offer any innovation. If users were going to switch from Facebook or Twitter, already established and valuable outlets to share information, Google plus had to offer something different. It had to be new and exciting, something powerful that users wanted to connect to. Google plus was none of that. While it wasn’t unusable or faulty in its programming, its applications were all the stuff we had come to expect from Google. There were no exciting new features, no impressive new applications.

The third mistake is on the business side. Google plus did not offer any incentive to business owners to promote and drive their products on Google plus. Businesses already have to manage a Facebook and Twitter page, and Google expected them to happily take on another site?

Google plus is defintely a failure, and this is Google’s third and probably last foray into the social networking market. Google should have jumped in the market when it was still young, not maturing and solidifying. Google took a major risk and got burned, wasting millions of dollars and damaging their image as a innovator of new products. Google needs to learn from this mistake and get back to being the innovative company we used to know.

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