Iraq exhibits photos on stolen artifacts

Iraqi Tourism and Antiquities Ministry has organized a photo exhibition displaying the artifacts smuggled to outside the country, Press TV reports.

Most of the showcased antiquities were stolen during and after the US led invasion of Iraq in 2003, said Iraq’s Tourism and Antiquities Minister Liwaa Smaisim.

Iraq has held the exhibition in an attempt to retrieve its stolen and smuggled ancient pieces.

Over 133,000 looted antiquities due to Iraqi government’s attempts have been brought back from different countries so far, Smaisim noted.

Iraq is home to relics of the world’s most ancient urban civilizations but many of its priceless artifacts were plundered and sold to the collectors abroad during the country’s wars.

“One of the most important ancient pieces is the Jewish Scripts Archive which was stolen by the US government and handed over to Israel under the pretext of keeping it under maintenance after being damaged during the invasion,” said Head of the Iraqi Museums.

While Iraqi officials are following the case, the country’s historians have described the exhibition as a proof that the Iraqi government is officially claiming its national treasures.