How To Make Google Plus Work For Your Business

In this era of advanced internet technology, having an online marketing strategy of some sort is no longer an option but a necessity in order to survive.

No matter what line of business an entrepreneur plans to embark upon, whether as complicated as industrial materials or as simple as home-based food business, it is important to have a means to get in touch to millions of people connecting to the internet to search for just about any service that they need.

Overview of Google Plus

While there are several online marketing strategies that businesses can utilize whether for a certain charge or for free, one amazing tool is Google Plus. This platform is Google’s attempt in getting social. By creating an account with Google Plus, account owners get to join or organize groups such as relatives, friends, college buddies, etc., making it easier to share whatever is applicable to a particular group. Google Plus has certain apps that make it easier to go social such as group messaging (Huddles), video chat (Hangouts), and getting links that matches one’s interests (Sparks)

How Can You Make Google Plus Work For Your Business

With these notable social capabilities, you may be wondering how Google Plus can help your business. The truth to this is, it can help in a lot of remarkable ways. However, you have to do some measures to make this Google’s platform work for your business. Here are tips on how you can do that:

  1. Organize a circle for your business contacts where you can post any updates about your business. This way, you can keep people who are likely to be interested about what your business has to offer. You can also start conversations where you can find out what the people who cared about your business thinks about your latest offers, whether in the form of compliments or constructive criticisms.
  2. Conduct product demonstrations, client meetings, or trainings through Google Plus Hangouts. For these activities mentioned, it will be ideal if it will be carried out in a video conference where up to ten individuals can join. With this tool, business owners can demonstrate better how a product works. Clients, trainees, or demonstration participants can in turn, ask questions, give recommendations or express any apprehension in real time.
  3. Express a +1 on the positive comments that people make on the posts. +1 is equivalent to the like button on Facebook. By giving +1 on a person’s comment, it’s like showing recognition and appreciation on what the person said about the business which will encourage that person to give positive comments again in the future.
  4. Offer customer service through Hangouts. There’s nothing better than a customer service where people can speak to someone live. This way, the business owner or agent or representative can demonstrate better how to solve the problem with a certain product or service.
  5. Offer webinars regarding your product or service. With the ability to let several people participate in a chat room, business owners can conduct free webinars that will provide helpful information related to the product or service that they are offering. If the facilitator is able to impress his audience, chances are great that his audience will turn into loyal customers.

Final Words

With these and more ways that businesses can do with Google Plus that will benefit them, this Google’s platform should indeed by utilized fully by businesses. Although it was initially developed as a social platform, it has a great ability to contribute to a business’ growth and success.

About the Author:

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