‘German actor abused daughter for yrs’

The sister of German actress Nastassja Kinski has revealed that their father, late famous actor Klaus Kinski, would sexually abuse her during childhood, a report says.

According to a recent article published by the German newspaper Bild, Nastassja said, “My sister is a heroine, because she has freed her heart, her soul and also her future from the weight of the secret.”

In her memoir called Kindermund (Children’s Mouths), Pola Kinski, 60, recounts how her well-known father sexually abused her multiple times during a 14-year period. He had warned his daughter not to tell anyone about his acts.

Pola disclosed in her book that the abuse took place when their parents divorced in 1955 and the young girl had to travel all over Europe with her father. Nastassja said she wept upon reading Pola’s accounts before being published. She stressed her support for Pola, saying she was deeply shocked by her recounts.

“Just because someone calls himself a father, as in this case, does not mean that he is a father. The horror has taken place nevertheless. Even fathers do horrible things,” Nastassja stated.

The German actress further said, “A book like Pola’s helps all children, youths and mothers who are afraid of fathers, who swallow their fear and hide everything away in their souls.”

“There is always help – all children should know that.”

Nastassja also said her sister’s remarks remind “tyrant fathers” that their power and force will not last forever and their tyranny will be revealed someday.

Following Pola’s revelations, Nastassja also accused her father of attempting to abuse her. The German actress said her father did not actually rape her but that “he tried to.” If he were still alive today, “I would do everything to ensure he went to prison,” she said.

In 1991, Klaus Kinski died of a heart attack at the age of 65 in the US state of California.

Pola said she was tired of seeing that Germany idolized his he father and she published the autobiography to let the public know what kind of a man Klaus really was.