Can Your Car Be Hacked?

Imagine driving down the freeway at 70-miles per hour, and suddenly your vehicle starts to accelerate all by itself. Or if the steering wheel starts to turn by itself, the radio volume maxes out, and the transmission changes gears by itself, it sounds like it could only happen if you have a ghost in your car, or so we thought until about eight months ago when two hackers took over a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

The Jeep event got the attention of automakers worldwide and Jeep immediately issued a recall to beef up security on their models.  So is this something else you should be worried about?  The FBI and politicians think you should.

The FBI just issued a warning on this subject.  Their concern is all the things on newer cars that are Internet or cellular based.  Things like your keyless entry system, vehicle infotainment systems, navigation systems, wireless diagnostics, even some tire-pressure-monitoring systems.  Auto systems that are tied to your cell phone, like what I have on my Corvette through OnStar, expose consumers to identity theft from all the information you keep on your cell phone.

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