British public being sold down the river in democracy deception

British public being sold down the river in democracy deception

The longest-running set of polls ever undertaken in the UK, which has been ongoing for over thirty years has been on trust in key professions with Ipsos MORI conducting surveys on the subject since 1983. Their surveys consistently show that public trust in politicians has always been low: at no point since 1983 have more than a quarter of the public ever trusted politicians to tell the truth. The lowest trust score was recorded in 2009 in the wake of the expenses scandal, when only 13% said they trusted politicians. Clearly, there must be a deception going on in our democracy.

Last year, trust in politicians was 16% and this year there is a rise to 21%. In other words, this particular survey says that 79% of the population take the view that politicians lie to us all the time.

In 2002, half of the British public thought that Britain was America’s lapdog. Back then just 13% of the public thought Blair was right in attacking Iraq. One third of Britain’s public thought that America was the greatest threat to world peace and 59% thought the reason for the attack on Iraq was the more about the threat to US control and influence in the Middle East. On those accounts the public have proven to be right and the politicians proven so emphatically misguided and/or wrong. It appears that the government of 2015-20 will do exactly the same, that is; implement policies unpopular to the electorate.

Out of 37,000 Independent readers, 79% were against British bombing of Syria, and that was just eight weeks ago. Even the right-wing Daily Mail stated that over half its readers were against Britain bombing a nation where Cameron inconceivably concluded that “We face a fundamental threat to our security.” David Cameron also lied to parliament with his 70,000 ‘moderate troops’ ready to attack ISIS in his bid to join the coalition so as to not endure more embarrassment for failing to carry out Washington’s wishes.

TTIP is one of the most dangerous policies to be backed by the government. Over 150,000 voters on people action website 38 Degrees were asked about TTIP with 98% stating they would help to protest against TTIP being adopted in Britain. This was echoed by an EU Commission survey of 150,000 residents of the 28 nation bloc – the largest survey ever undertaken by the EU. Unsurprisingly, 97% were firmly against TTIP being imposed across Europe. The EU commission has since disregarded its own report and rejected action groups consisting of millions of people dissenting all across Europe. David Cameron is aggressively pushing for TTIP in Britain as are the unelected bureaucrats of the EU Commission amid strong protest by the public, Britain included.

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