After Brexit – Is Britain already sheltering from a Europe wide storm

After Brexit – Is Britain already sheltering from a Europe wide storm

When Briton’s decided to vote themselves out of the European Union, all hell broke loose and very quickly the morning after the night before, the realisation of what just happened started to sink in. For many in Britain, it immediately appeared that the world had caved in. Or had it?

As truepublica reported yesterday, the foreign ministers of France and Germany backed by the EU Commission and its Parliament have decided to accelerate their long-desired plans to create the European superstate described as an “ultimatum” by several EU members. The proposals ultimately mean that EU member states will lose their central banks, criminal laws and even their own armies, whilst powers seen as sovereign are transferred to the heart of the superstate in Brussels.

Then the unelected EU Commissioners who have been negotiating the worlds biggest trade deal (TTIP) with America, reportedly worth up to 40 per cent of global GDP, all behind closed doors have come up against a major problem. Mass protests have been taking place on the streets of every city in Europe, including Britain. Petitions have been presented to the European parliament with over 3 million concerned citizen signatures, only to be ignored by ‘politicians’ cozying up to lobbyists with barrow loads of cash. Corruption in the EU is rampant, now worth around 15 per cent of GDP, the vast majority the result of dodgy government deals with corporations. This was a done deal, or so everyone thought until ….

From RT – TTIP ‘doesn’t respect EU interests’: French PM Valls says ‘non’ to transatlantic treaty. France’s Prime Minister Manuel Valls has dismissed the possibility of an agreement on the US-EU transatlantic trade deal, since it goes against the interests of the European Union. “No free trade agreement should be concluded if it does not respect EU interests. Europe should be firm. France will be vigilant about this,” Valls said addressing members of the governing Socialist Party on Sunday. “I can tell you frankly, there cannot be a transatlantic treaty agreement. This agreement is not on track,” Valls added.

Without France, this a dead deal as all 27 nations have to ratify TTIP for it to work. The elected leaders of France fear a backlash by their own citizens – hence the withdrawal.

And whilst your gaze was averted the day after the Brexit vote the EU bureaucrats decided to take advantage of a perfect day to bury even more bad news. They had already worked out a plan to save their defaulting and insolvent banks and slipped in nearly half a trillion euros when everyone was looking the other way. Of course, this would have gone a long way in helping the tens of millions of struggling families in the EU, but the banks come first.

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