10 Tips for Webmasters Using Google Plus

The gloves are off, and Facebook and Google seem to be in a battle of the titans as to who will control not one or the other of search engines and social media, but both. Facebook’s forays into search seems to have prodded the giant of search engines to strike back with social networking. Meet Google +, where searchers not only find what they want, but pass these great finds along to their friends.

What does this mean for Webmasters?

How the entire battle will play out is anyone’s guess right now. But what is clear is that webmasters have to include Google + on their pages, along with a Facebook like button and a Tweet follow me. How do Webmasters maximize this new addition?

  1. Set up a Google + page. Google makes it simple and easy, with a step by step video on their site that you can follow to get it done.
  2. Publish posts on a regular, consistent basis. You will get more followers to your pages when you consistently post content that optimizes how they find you.
  3. Use the Hangout feature. This feature lets you interface directly with customers and users by requesting feedback, offering suggestions, etc.
  4. Manage your circles wisely. You will have different people coming to your sites for different reasons. By managing your circles properly, you can not only target specific interests, but expand circles with overlapping interests.
  5. Prominently display the Google + badge. Bring users from your other pages by making it easy for them to plus you whenever they can.
  6. See if Direct Connect works for you. This is a limited feature right now, but if you can use it, it enables users to search, then add +, which will bring them to Google + pages that are relevant.
  7. Connect all of your +1s. You do this using Google’s code to connect +1s on your website to +1s on your Google page to +1s on your ads. Each click is extended three ways.
  8. Use +1 Annotations in Google search. This added feature pops recommendations up like a Google ad when there is an appropriate search.
  9. Use the ripple feature. This reporting feature allows you to see how your information is being spread (rippled) through the use of the + button.
  10. Learn to use the Analytic feature for +. Google is still developing this, but they hope to be able to allow users to view aggregates, analyze demographics, etc.

As it looks right now, searchers will probably have their favorite method, be it Facebook, Tweet or Google +, but since you don’t know which one your prospective visitor will be using, you have to add Google + to the roster.

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