Will BBC come clean over 911 Hit piece?

By J A Blacker, Science Correspondent
RINF Alternative News

The Cat is out of the BAG for the BBC, folk have slowly cottoned on to the fact its not as squeaky clean as it once was.


Now the BBC has formally had to confess and subsequently apologise to viewers for deceiving them over the phone in naming of the Blue Peter CAT, will it do likewise with its disgraceful one sided and scandalous Hit Piece “The Conspiracy Files” Documentary?

911 is THE most pivotal event in recent history and the BBC consistently and without a shred of regret or hesitation continues to spout, promote and defend the MOST outrageous and PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE Government “Conspiracy Nonsense “.

Just Who does the BBC serve?  When will it stop its TOTAL TREASON?

To understand the sheer depths of BBC Total Public Deception one needs to be familiar with the sheer number of complaints they have had to deal with in the past 6 months.

Indeed one complaint in particular is giving them a real headache:



Their time is almost up and they now have to Reply – For an update on BBC pearls of wisdom stay tuned.