YouTube Brownie Points Pays In Google

by Garen Arnold

With the new Google algorithm updates of 2011 there is a lot of buzz across the Internet how social media is going to be a major factor in this upcoming year. So what sites are going to get extra brownie points in the big G’s eyes? I believe this is the year for Facebook and Twitter, but even though YouTube isn’t a social network it is fantastic way to generate traffic to your website.

It has been said that Google does take authority over its properties and guess what YouTube is actually owned by Google so it makes perfect since that YouTube shows up ALL THE TIME in Google search queries. In fact, videos can go viral and bring you a massive amount of traffic; like the ever popular “Will it blend” YouTube videos. For your YouTube videos to go viral it really isn’t rocket science and can be done over and over again.

So the first thing you need to keep in mind when creating a YouTube video is, what are you going to do to make it interesting. If it is the same old same old than I am sorry my friend, you will simply get 20-30 views and then your video will never be seen again. Sorry, it is just the honest to god truth.

How to videos are doing very well on YouTube right now and people come to the Internet for two reasons in my opinion. They either want to be entertained or have a problem that they need solved. More often than not when you have a problem and Google something the most appealing thing in the query is a video. Reading gets kind of boring sometime and the visual stimulated crowd gravitates towards these YouTube views.

This can be a Internet marketers dream; YouTube that is. It’s been said that the average YouTube viral video gets about 2 million hits. If 10% of your visitors click through to your website from your video that is 200,000 people that are going to be going to your website. Let me rephrase that, that is 200,000 qualified visitors that will arrive at your website.

Really, the sky is the limit with YouTube and video marketing should hit its’ peek in 2011 and 2012. If you are only using article marketing, blogging, press releases, social media, ect. you are losing out on a lot of money or web traffic. As you progress in your affiliate marketing career you need to evolve with the times or your rankings will plummet in the upcoming years.

Creating videos is kind of fun and you might find it to be very enjoyable. You can pick up some software at the local computer store and grab some screen capture software for under $30. If you elect to buy a camcorder you can also purchase a pretty decent one, for under a couple hundred dollars.

This are article was written by Garen Arnold who has three years of SEO and social media experience. Let 2011 be the year that you start dipping into the YouTube goldmine. Create a couple videos and learn how to get views on YouTube and your sites traffic will thank you 10 fold.