Guest Blogging to Build Your Blog?

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by Breanna Olaveson

A blog can be a great asset for your company. It gives you a place to publish your thoughts about the industry, connect with customers and establish your brand. It’s also good for search engine optimization to have fresh content on your site. If you maintain a successful blog, your business will likely thrive as well.

But there are millions of blogs on the Internet, and frequent posts don’t guarantee a loyal following. It takes a lot of work to make your blog grow–you have to write quality blog posts, take (or legally acquire) good photos, stay up-to-date on industry news and maybe host a giveaway or two. But there is one way to help your blog grow many people don’t fully appreciate–guest blogging.

Guest posting is advantageous to both the guest blogger and the blog owner. Guest bloggers receive increased exposure to a wide audience and gain important links to their websites, which is good for search engine optimization. The blog owner gets fresh content to populate the blog without having to create it. Here are a few tips for successful guest blogging.

1. Make it an ongoing effort. Being published on more websites means increased exposure for you and your blog. Make a list of blogs you’d like to write for, then contact their owners and start writing posts. Make guest posting an ongoing part of your job. Spend some time every day contacting blog owners and sending posts. Over time, you will see greater results from sustained guest blogging efforts than you will from one isolated guest post.

2. Put effort into your topics. Your topic is one of the most important aspects of your guest blogging success. Often, guest posts are rejected not because they aren’t high-quality but because the topic has been covered before, doesn’t tailor to the blog’s niche or is irrelevant to the blog’s audience. Try suggesting possible topics to the blog owner before you start writing to ensure your post will be of value to the blog.

3. Do your best work. You should always write well, but it’s especially important to go the extra mile when you’re writing for someone else’s blog. A quality post will encourage the blog’s readers to visit your site. Reread your post a few times to ensure you have communicated your ideas clearly and that you have used proper spelling and grammar. It will take some extra time, but the payoffs will make the effort worth it.

4. Come back later. The best guest bloggers continue to contribute to the blog even after their post is published. Check back often for comments and add to the conversation in helpful, respectful ways. Add to the depth of your post by responding to questions and offering helpful solutions. Promote your post on social media networks. Going the extra mile with your guest posts will help you establish yourself as a blogger and develop a loyal following.

Breanna Olaveson is a professional writer and editor and has been featured in various magazines, including Utah Valley BusinessQ, Utah Valley Magazine, Liahona, Ensign and MainStreet. She has a B.S. in communications and continues to write about business, entrepreneurship, marketing, success, lifestyle and more. Breanna is currently working with Professional Marketing International (PMI) helping entrepreneurs reach their goals.