Top 5 Online Advertising Marketplaces

By Avraam Keramidas from eMarketing Blogz |

Do you want to monetize your Blog? Ok ok…sorry I am not going to ask again…But how?

Online Advertising Marketplaces are the answer to your problem! Selling ads on your site can be a really frustrating and time consuming process. Try to do everything by yourself,get advertisers,manage payments,keep track of where and when to put your ads and you will hardly find time to actually BLOG!

Why you should use Online Advertising Marketplaces?

Because you:

  1. Solve your problem with advertising and saving you a lot of time.
  2. Get more advertisers than if you were selling ads on their own.
  3. Get you business running smoothly — serve your ads on time and on the right place and the most important of all : Get paid on time!

In this post I list 5 of the most used marketplaces on the net.The order in the list means nothing!!!

    In my opinion probably your best choice! If I had to choose one word that would be:Simplicity.It’s clear that the aim of BSA is to simplify the process of buying and selling advertisements, and it certainly succeeds in this area.Everything about BuySellAds is just easy, both for publishers and advertisers.For publishers, your website is listed in the BSA directory, allowing advertisers target-specific searches to help find a compatible website. Payouts are quick and seamless, and the PayPal system very efficient. Wire transfers and cheques are also available as payout and payment options if PayPal is not your thing.
    AdOnion made online advertising selling a very transparent procedure since the full control has been given over to the site’s respective advertisers and publishers. Interstitial and expandable banners has been added along with the traditional ad formats.As a publisher you will also have the full control over the type of advertisements you approve onto your website. In addition, you can preview advertisers and send them requests to run their ads on your site. You can also easy implement third party’s network ads into your ad zones increasing your earnings.
    AdJug is an online advertising exchange connecting buyers and sellers of online advertising and provides them with transparency, control and choice.Publishers can take control of their online inventory to increase their earnings and advertisers can run better campaigns because they know where each conversion and traffic is coming from.

    adBrite serves over 1 billion impressions a day on over 100,000 sites. AdBrite is a completely independent, transparent and effective advertising exchange platform, focused on maximizing ROI with sophisticated, unmatched targeting and optimization technology. Dynamic pricing, Real Time Bidding and API functionality, combined with a self-service account management interface, give you unparalleled access to superior campaign data and analytics. In my opinion adBrite is a right choice for websites with big traffic.

    At publishers get to choose their advertisers by first approving the ad. Unfortunately, the fact that you have to have ads purchased for your site may mean some sites will have a harder time getting advertisers.Publishers get paid on a time basis and not on pay per click. For example, you can choose to have the ad displayed for one week, month, or even maybe 3 months. They claim to give 70% of their transaction earnings back to publishers, which is very good compared to other advertising networks.

As a blogger, this may be worth a test try to see how well it pays on your blog. Payments are done by Paypal.

So have a look around and make the right choice for you and your website or blog.

Online Advertising Marketplaces do not monetize your Blog…Your Blog Does. -emBlogz 2010

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