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Everybody likes free stuff.  Absolutely everybody likes absolutely free!  What kind of free, cool stuff is out there this year for SEO tools?  These 10 choices have been reviewed by those who have used them.  An analysis of the convenience and efficiency of each was provided by the reviewers.  Free, reliable SEO tools are an invaluable asset to online businesses.  In the development of websites, these are some of the not only free, but favorite tools of the trade. 

1) Keyword Selector put out the ‘Keyword Selector’ as one of the first ever available keyword tools.  Presently, it is still free, effective and incredibly useful.

2) Fiddler Web Debugging

Fiddler is responsible for ‘Fiddler Web Debugging’.  If you’re tired of paying for other debugging tools, you’ll be happy to know that Fiddler doesn’t charge for their debugger.  It does essentially everything that the debugging tools costing money do.  It does, however, need a .net framework (downloadable from their web site) and is available for Windows only at this time.

3) Google Web Master Console and Google Analytics does of course have its hands in everything; their ‘Google Web Master Console’ and ‘Google Analytics’ are no exception.  This Urchin based analytics tool is top notch and available free to everybody.

4) SEO Analyzer brings you the ‘SEO Analyzer’.  This tool not only generates but stores reports providing specific rundowns of the elements of an SEO that could make an intense evaluation necessary.  You can switch the stored reports over to PDF accordingly to your needs.  It is an essential tool for your optimization efforts.

5) SEO for Firefox provides ‘SEO for Firefox’ free of charge.  This little gem is more informative than any other free tool out there.  Be it from the search engine or the visited page, the amount of information this will provide you with is invaluable.

6) Multirank Checker brings us the ‘Multirank Checker’ for checking the page rank of your clients and nine of their competitors.  It checks the ranking for both Alexa and Google.

7) Strongest Subpages Tool offers an amazing tool called the ‘Strongest Subpages Tool’.  To discover which pages contain the highest amount of inbound links, Strongest Subpages provides you with a finely polished list of just that.

8) Firefox with the Web Developer Extension

Chris Pederick developed the ‘Firefox with the Web Developer Extension’.  The brilliance of coupling those two tools makes it one tool with twice the value.  Way to go Chris!

9) Backlink Creator

Another creation offered at no charge to its users is ‘Backlink Checker’.  This tool is an SEO must have.  For checking backlinks and user friendliness, it rates a whopping 10 out of 10.

10) Ranking Checker

Last but certainly not least, we have another ‘Ranking Checker’ this time by  With it, you can check up to five keywords daily, rankings wise.  After registering for a no charge account, you not only can use this valuable tool but store the information that it retrieves for you in an archive.


Under the heading of invaluable free SEO tools, honorable mention goes to Majestic SEO, Foxyrank, The Free Keyword Tool, Strongest Subpages Tool, Keyword Selector Tool, Xenu’s Link Sleuth and Xinu BETA, Keyword Density and Prominence Tool, GEO Targeting Detection Tool and The various tasks and processes involved with your SEO work can be lengthy and daunting.  It’s like being a juggler in a circus act the way you have to juggle keywords, links, crawlers and text.  It’s funny that a free tool should be so valuable. Every tool listed on in this article is basically something you can’t live without in the world of SEO.  Best of all, they are at absolutely no cost to you. What do you have to lose – Try them today! 


Article written by Ben who works for – a company specialising in electrical supplies and products like the Redring WS7

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    Excellent chapter! This is very exciting corner that top 10 absolutely free seo tools 2011. Thank you!

  • “Everybody likes free stuff. Absolutely everybody likes absolutely free! What kind of free, cool stuff is out there this year for SEO tools? ” Who doesn’t want free stuff, especially when you can use those stuff for a living. Thank you for these stuff. I will absolutely try these free tools.

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    Fantastic list of resources, I’ve found the SEOMOZ blog a really
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  • Like this list a lot thanks but I found one or two of the free tools to be missing or discontinued, especially the tools. Great list though – how about one for 2012 updated?

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    thanks good information.

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  • Fantastic tools, thanks a lot

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