Tools to help you get FREE traffic to your website

Many website owners are finding that even though they have a website, they’re unable to get any profit from it. Thus, a nifty website will just be gathering dust if you’re unable to generate any visitors towards it. You won’t be able to get any return from your investment. So, we’ve gathered eight great strategies to get some traffic going for any website to reap in some money.

 1) Article Marketing

There are many article directory sites online wherein you’ll be able to post articles fast and for free. Basically, you create articles with ‘back links’ to your site for free. Keep in mind that you need to provide readers useful information while keeping it concise and direct to the point. Also when doing article marketing, be sure to use good keywords in your article content. Also, you may add in a short description of your business in the bio box.

2) Using Free Classified Sites

Second, you can also try out posting on free classified sites. This is also a great way to get “free advertising” You can begin by posting a few ads per day and compile email addresses gathered. If you have a list of email addresses, you can eventually send to them further offers and discounts.

3) Join Forums Related to Your Niche

In whatever industry you’re in, you can look for forums to join. You can write informative or entertaining articles and post them in forums. You can also ask or answer forum questions and connect with other people in your niche. You may be allowed to post links or signatures which will be shown whenever you post something. Just be sure to browse over forum rules and guidelines before you get started.

4) Blogs

Blogs are great and simple tools an online marketer can use to drive traffic. You can connect with your consumers by providing them with good blogs while at the same time generate traffic to your actual site as well. Blogs are very easy to create and post through sites such as WordPress or Blogger. Just be sure to update with fresh content regularly.

5) Social Network Marketing

Aside from being able to communicate regularly with your target market, you can also use social media sites to promote your website. You can utilize this for website ranking and advertising as well. You can begin by creating pages on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin then proceed from there. You can also use tools such as Hootsuite to help you manage your accounts more efficiently.

6) Upload To Video Sites

Websites such as Youtube can help spread your website awareness if you upload good videos and generate many views. It is very simple and free to upload.

7) Traffic Exchanges

By using traffic exchange, you can benefit by viewing other websites and ads. Additionally, you can create buzz for your own websites as well. However be careful to use it only on websites with no Adsense since Google might disable your Adsense account if you do traffic exchanges.

8) Create a Hub Page or Squidoo Lens

Search engines usually use Hub Pages and Squidoo so they should be useful in getting you some traffic. You can create single webpages on your interests and recommendations and can use the special features to feature your website.

There you have it. Eight strategies you can use to boost web traffic. Remember that like any other tools, you have to utilize them properly and keep them consistent with your brand image. You can choose one or a few which will work best for you. Be patient and you’ll see an increase in your traffic.

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