Tips for Improving Your Paid Search Campaign

by Amanda T

Any online business owner knows how powerful search engine marketing can be for their Web site’s traffic, leads, customers, and revenues. Most online businesses love PPC (Pay-Per-Click) marketing because it is an easy and effective way to drive traffic to their site almost immediately. Most of them even make a lot more money than they otherwise would if they didn’t embark on PPC campaigns. Unfortunately, many of them aren’t making as much money as they could by implementing a few simple tips. Let’s take a look at a few techniques that a small online business can use to make their PPC campaigns more efficient and more profitable.

1. Forget the Broad, Common Terms

Many business owners, when they decide to promote their product or service using a PPC campaign, go after the most obvious keyword phrases. If someone is a Los Angeles lawyer who specializes in auto accidents, then he may be tempted to go after phrases like "lawyer" or "auto accident lawyer" when he sees how many people search for terms like these. The problem with this is that not only will many of those people not be in Los Angeles and thus not potential customers, but the competition for those phrases will be tremendously high. This lawyer will probably have to pay several dollars for every click. Instead of targeting a few broad terms, proper PPC management would be to focus on many narrower terms. By targeting a sufficient amount of niche terms, it is easily possible to obtain the same amount of traffic as targeting the more popular terms. Even better, each click will cost less, and the traffic will convert into customers at a higher rate.

2. Content Network vs. Search Network

Most online advertisers are unaware that there are two major types of PPC: content network PPC and search network PPC. It is crucial to understand the difference between these two types. The content network ads are the PPC ads that appear near the content on various Web sites and blogs around the web. Search network PPC includes the ads that appear above and to the right of the search results on major search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and Google. One network often works better for different businesses. It is important to track the results from each and then to concentrate on what works best.

3. Always Track Results

The most successful online advertisers are constantly altering and tweaking their advertising strategy based on their past results. Simply put, a business should always try to do more of what works and to stop wasting time and money on what does not work. A good online marketing company can help businesses with this crucial part of paid advertising.

Amanda is a blogger and writer working for an online marketing company based out of San Diego, CA. She hopes these PPC management tips will help SMBs get the best out of their internet marketing campaigns.