The SEO Benefits of a Press Release

by Sarah Myerson

Even before the internet, press releases were a great way to pull some media attention toward your company. It’s public relations 101: you choose how your business is represented in the news cycle, because you write the release. With the internet in the mix, the same idea still applies, but with a twist: proper SEO must be used in order to maximize the effectiveness of your press release.

Many of the same SEO rules apply to a press release as they do to other articles you might write for an SEO-friendly blog. You will still want a keyword-rich piece, with primary keywords in your (hopefully snappy and relevant) title. Anchor text and other linking to relevant pages on your site are, as ever, crucial. With this, readers are learning more about your company while being invited to visit your site if they want more, and that is the kind of quality traffic you hope for.

Why make a press release? Well, if your copy is good enough and well-optimized, you can sometimes manage to rank very high on search results very quickly. Depending on how your press release spreads, you could even end up taking multiple spots within the first search page for your targeted keywords! This is because your press release, being a news item, has the potential to be re-blogged and travel through the internet news cycle. With backlinks from quality news sites, you can not only gain high Google search rankings, but also high news search rankings (like Google and Yahoo! News), giving you multiple ways to rank. This is why your title is key! With it (hopefully) appearing on blogs with RSS feeds all over the web, you must take extra care to make sure it is “clickable”.

In a way, press releases are the best way to get quality, relevant traffic to your website. Why? Because the press release is, first and foremost, PR for your company. People who read your press release will be doing so because of their interest in your company or the area of business you cover. Thus, you have a much higher chance of getting relevant visitors who are there for the right reasons. Because of this, your primary focus should be writing an excellent press release. Make sure you really get across what you want to say about your company, and pull those relevant readers in. Then, with proper linking and keyword use, you can direct them where you want them to go.

Don’t be afraid, just because this is a press release as opposed to a standard blog post, to use media! Images and videos are still great for SEO, and can be added to your press release for a little extra pizzazz. Remember, the days of the “old” press release are over, so use the media-rich environment of the internet to your advantage!

Write good copy, use those keywords, make it clickable, media-rich, and interesting, and you might have one of the most effective SEO tools at your disposal: an SEO press release.

Sarah Myerson writes for Dave Conklin, a captivating internet marketing speaker and consultant. Conklin develops internet marketing strategies that are tailored to your business model.