The Do’s and Don’ts of being an SEO Client

Guest Post by Alek Jones from Networth Media Internet Marketing |

So you’ve decided to get your site noticed in the Search Engines by starting an SEO campaign. Firstly I have to say welcome to the world of online marketing and kudos for embarking on a process that has the potential to build your brand and increase the revenue that your website is able to generate!

Now, the work starts — You as the client will have to oversee a process that is hard to always comprehend, is somewhat intangible and has no guarantees regarding timeframe and results that will be gained. Given the above, how do you assist your SEO Agency to deliver the best return on your investment?


Find a reputable & competent SEO Company

There are many SEO firms out there that are out to make a quick buck and should be avoided like the plague. Do a little research on the basics of SEO and ask your agency a few questions. Have a look at the SEO Agency’s website to confirm that they have the basics set up for their own site.

Trust your SEO Agency

Now that you’ve done the research and your chosen SEO agency passed the test, you need to trust in their ability to offer you a good return on your investment. Don’t hijack the process around every corner or question each and every step that is being taken.
Communicate regularly

You and your chosen SEO Company must have an open channel of communication where you are able to ask questions and get answers. SEO is intangible in its nature and therefore you won’t always be aware of all the changes that are being made. It is your right to ask questions and get clarification regarding the strategy that is being employed for your website.

Be Aware that SEO takes time & Fluctuates

SEO is not a quick fix, but rather a long term investment in building your site’s online presence. You will see results over time depending on an array of influencing factors. When you do start seeing the results you need to understand that rankings and results will fluctuate as Search Engines update their algorithms and competitors keep working on their websites too. Don’t quit your SEO campaign as soon as you see results, you will lose your rankings without constant work.

Do your part in the process

As the client and expert in your industry, you will need to assist in creating content for your site or blog. Content is the lifeblood of your website and I can promise you that no SEO will turn away content being sent their way. You should have a social media presence and this presence must grow with your continued efforts and updates. If you have no idea how social media works ask your agency for assistance and ideas.


– Lie to your SEO or keep important information from them – Tell them about your 5 other domains with exactly the same site or the link farms that you are a part of. These issues can be rectified and will count in your favour.
– Put all your eggs in the SEO basket — Don’t expect SEO to be the miracle cure and think that you can do less offline in the way of marketing.
– Expect your SEO to magically triple your profits
– Expect guarantees regarding rankings — No SEO on earth can promise you any type of rankings. SEO does not control rankings, the Search Engines do.
– Expect to rank for your one or two word phrase within a month — Don’t get me wrong it is possible, but don’t expect it. Long tail keywords should be targeted at the start of your campaign.
– Expect a smooth ride all of the time — There is always something that can go wrong or that can change. The industry and the Search Engines are changing at a rapid pace and this can influence your website. At least you have a team of experts that can analyse and fix the issue.
– Become the expert after a few months — Sure you learned a lot about SEO and link building since you started your campaign, but don’t go and do silly things like participate in link networks or listen to a friend’s advice to create another site just like the one you have — 2 sites, twice the visitor’s right? Wrong.
– Refuse your SEO access to your Analytics or Adwords accounts — They need this info for your campaign. Tracking programs like these offer invaluable information.
– Refuse to implement the proposed changes — Your site will inevitably have to undergo a range of changes to ensure Search Engine compatibility.

The bottom line — Choose the right SEO Company, trust them to do their job and assist them in the ways that you are able to.

Alek Jones is owner and partner at Networth Media and he writes articles about search engine optimisation, social media marketing, web design and internet marketing. Feel free to visit his website, Networth Media for more information.