Socializing — a different way of Internet Marketing

Guest Post by Vic Dinovici from |

When I say socializing I’m not talking about Facebook, Twitter or other activities in front of your computer but going out and meeting real people. Being active in your community is following the “word of mouth” way to create awareness regarding your website, products and services you’re offering in your business.

But how to be social into an “indoor” world? Well, is a bit of time consuming and little expensive but believe me or not the results are beyond your expectations. Let’s see a couple of “outdoor” networking methods I am using to get in touch with possible clients for my SEO business.

I like to participate in events. This can bring you all kinds of quality links, improve your reputation, aid in branding, and provide excellent traffic. Personally I like MeetUp.

You will find very interesting the way you meet people going to those meetings with subjects of your interest. My self I’m participating in web development and of course SEO meetings where I exchange my business card with others and I already got some leads. Beside the business aspects of those meetings you will make some new friends while enjoying a cup of tea a coffee or why not a cold beer.

I didn’t do too much of sponsoring contests but for sure is another method which pays off. Offering awards, contests, and prizes is a creative way to get traffic and to obtain links pointing to your website and to meet real people. Of course you can sponsor online events as well but why not going to those contests and have some fun? If you are considering a candidate you may even win the links in a real “battle” so the award site will compensate you as the winner of an award or a prize by publishing a biography of you on their website for all your fans.

Last but not least, do charities. If you give money to a charity or sponsor a group or individual, in most cases, they will be very happy to link to your website. You can get the best of both worlds by giving to a cause you believe in and having quality links pointing to your website. I have a friend whos’s donating money to the ModX development community because he loves ModX CMS. But out there are thousands of similar causes for you to support. Most charity websites have a PR that is a 7 or 8, so the link is quite worthwhile. If you hold eBay auctions, you can choose to state what percentage will be donated to a charity and then in return, the charity will more often than not, link to both your eBay auction and your website.

Go meet people, offer solutions, talk to them. Is a bit of work, is time consuming and sometime a bit expensive but for me, at least, half an hour of talking face to face with people values more than 6 hours of dropping comments on all those forums and blogs. It pays off.