SEO Tips – 3 Ways to Get High PR Backlinks

by Imran Ali

It is not possible to get loads of targeted traffic without getting the higher ranking in search engines, especially in Google, for your target keywords. The search engine traffic is free and forever, provided your higher ranking is not dropped. In order to achieve the high search engine ranking your webpage must get the keyword anchored backlinks. If the competition is low, you would require less number of backlinks and if the competition is higher you need to get more backlinks to win the race.

In this short article I will describe 3 easy ways to get a large number of backlinks for your website with very little effort. These are:

Give Premium Quality WP Theme, Free To Community Of Bloggers:
Most of the bloggers are using WordPress to publish their content. Some of the bloggers like to use the premium quality WP themes by paying some bucks. But most of the bloggers are in the search of great looking free WP themes. Take advantage of this situation. Just hire a designer to get a unique and premium quality WordPress theme. After the theme is ready put your website link with proper anchor text in the footer. Now, offer this WP theme free to the blogger’s community. If your theme is really great looking, it will be surely picked by a large number of bloggers. Suppose your WP theme is used by only 50 bloggers having about 20 pages on their blogs, on average. It means that within a very short period of time your website link is up on about 1000 pages. These blogs will be from different C-Class IPs and you will get more benefit. With the passage of time the PR of these blogs will increase and these backlinks will become even more powerful.

If you can release 1-3 WP themes every month, then you can expect thousands of backlinks every month from different websites from all over the world.

Become A Top Commentator On Blogs Where Top Commentators Plugin Is Installed:
Commenting on the blog posts of other bloggers is a very easy and common way to get some instant backlinks. In this section I will tell you how to get most benefit from this method. There is a famous WP plugin, called Top Commentators plugin. This plugin lists the names and links of the top commentators on all pages of the blog. It means that if you are among those 7 or 10 top commentators, your link will be automatically placed on all pages of the blog.

To get maximum benefit, search for the high PR blogs having large number of posts where this plugin is installed. Subscribe to all these blogs and start commenting on every new post of these blogs. Make the sensible, useful and related comments so that they are instantly approved. If you will do the continuous efforts, you will get the top position in a week or so.

Suppose you have become a top commentator in 5 blogs with PR4 or above having 100+ posts. It means that you have got about 500 backlinks to your website from high PR blogs.

Offer Guest Posts To High Quality and High PR Blogs:
If you are an expert in your field and know about your topic very well then why not to share your knowledge with other bloggers by publishing your post on their blogs? The high quality and old blogs usually have a large number of readers. By posting your articles on such blogs you will get instant high quality backlinks and a share of traffic from these blogs.

I hope that you have found this article useful and you will use the methods, described above, to create tons of backlinks for your websites.

This post is written by Imran Ali, who loves to write about SEO and effective methods to earn money online, on his blog.