SEO Marketers – Are you missing an Opportunity?

SEO marketing is a straight-forward business. You attract customers, edit their pages and content, gain backlinks and watch their SERP ranks rise. You can teach clients which tags to use to make their sites more search-engine friendly. Once the job is done, you collect your check and go on to the next client. Plenty of SEO professionals use a similar process, collecting flat fees based on services rendered. Not so long ago, SEO marketers would advertise backlink packages, promising thousands of links for one low, low price. While this system certainly helps some to pay their bills, could you be doing more to make the most out of your SEO career?

Are You Already Giving Referrals?

As an SEO pro, you’ve probably directed your clients to related services. Think about how many times you have told someone to register a domain, purchase hosting, or to buy something from an e-commerce store, like Amazon. Perhaps you have recommended a qualified designer or a customized-script developer? Maybe you have only recommended the best premium WordPress themes to your clients.
Plus, clients may not be the only people who ask for your recommendations. Friends and family might trust your word, because you’re in a similar industry. Every one of those referrals could be an eligible service or product that could earn you commissions from the affiliate program.

Affiliation Offers Flexibility

Many SEO professionals offer design and website creations services, so you might feel hesitant to refer your clients to someone else. However, consumers might be more likely to use your SEO services, if they don’t have to purchase an entire Web development plan, too. This flexibility makes your agency more appealing than rigid plans that don’t respect the individual needs of customers. Even if you charge less, you might still make up the difference–or better–by using affiliate programs.
Plus, the companies with which you are an affiliate for might do the same. Imagine if you, an SEO pro, paired with a Web design firm. Your relationship provides one another with consumers who might not have known about your services before. It’s a win-win situation. Look for close partnerships like this that will be mutually beneficial for both parties involved.

Affiliate Programs Pay Off

Affiliate programs may help offset the effects of a down-turned economy or a business deal gone bad. Is your SEO service struggling since Google released its algorithm updates? You may be busy, but it takes little time to sign up for an affiliate program. Even if you don’t need the extra money, would you turn down the opportunity to make money from referrals you’re already making? A web hosting referral can make you upwards of $100, so take a look at the different programs out there. Most companies will have a direct in-house affiliate program that you can sign up with. However, Affiliate networks, such as Commission Junction and ShareASale have hundreds of merchants available under one umbrella, so that you can pick and choose the type of services/products you want to promote. And finally, contact the affiliate manager to see if they’ll help you out with your efforts. A program that is serious about their affiliates will go out of their way to help you.

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