SEO Is About Obtaining High Quality Backlinks – Now More Than Ever

by Mitch Tarala

Search Engine Optimization has been known for emphasis on building ‘backlinks’ to a page or website that the author wants to rank highly in the search engines. With Google’s latest algorithm change affecting about 12% of websites, SEO is still about link building, only this time it’s about obtaining high quality backlinks, not thousands of forum signatures or blog comments.

Now that effective link building is focused on quality over quantity, many people are asking the question “where do I find high quality backlinks?” and the answer is… Everywhere! High quality backlinks are literally all around you, all you have to do is look.

Many high page rank websites offer the option to write guest posts for their website. All you have to do is contact the webmaster or sometimes even submit a form they’ve already created just for this purpose, and tell them you want to write a guest post for them! Usually that’s all it takes and you’ve got yourself a high quality backlink that won’t be removed in 5 weeks… or 5 years, unlike many other types of backlinks.

It’s often best to have an article already written when contacting a website for a guest post or article submission. The webmasters usually are pretty busy and like it when you just give them what they want… Your guest post!

Make sure you use good anchor text for a well researched keyword when you design your comment box for the bottom of your post. Make sure you follow all of the rules for each site you submit to, some of them have specific rules they want you to follow or formatting to follow for their site, but always try to use your keywords as anchor text.

For example, if you want to rank for the term “sciatic relief” in the search engines, you would want to include the link in your resource box, as an ‘anchor link’, because when google finds this link and follows it to your page, it will give that page more credibility for that particular set of words in the search results.

Using guest posts for SEO is a double edged sword. You can also get tons of new visitors to your website and build your subscribers list from the traffic that doing guest posts can give you. Because the sites you are submitting to are read by real human beings, many of them will be curious about you and click on the link to find out more about you or what your website is about.

This is now the new way to get high quality backlinks for your website for SEO purposes. Of course, it always was, but since the last algorithm update it seems google has caught on to the article marketing show that many SEOers have been putting on over the last few years, and has finally put an end to it.

Mitch Tarala is a blogger, affiliate marketer, an SEO specialist, and health nut. He offers search engine optimization advice and even gives away his potent backlinking strategy on his website, Build a Passive Income dot com.