SEO for Small Online Business

by Bryan Phelps

While all small businesses are vastly different in the products they offer, their management style, location and marketing strategies tend to differ. Some find success and others fail. Something that nearly all successful small businesses seem to have in common these days, though, is proper SEO techniques. So what do successful small businesses do right with their SEO approaches?

First, they pick their keywords carefully. The little guys simply can’t compete with the big guys when it comes to the high traffic keywords. Don’t be discouraged, though. There is plenty of traffic for everyone; it’s simply a matter of finding out what keywords make the most sense for a business with small resources. These types of keywords would be long-tail which basically means phrases of at least three to five words. These are more targeted because they are more specific. They are also easier to rank for since the bigger companies are focusing on the higher traffic keywords.

Second, they focus on geo-marketing. That terminology simply means that small businesses should focus on their geographically located customers. If you’re a small company, you are probably not doing business with the other side of the United States, which is why you shouldn’t pay to market to the other side of the United States. Instead, focus on putting your geographic location into your marketing effort to pull in relevant potential clientele.

Third, it’s called outsourcing. Let’s not pretend we have the resources or capabilities to do things we can’t. Small companies usually have a hard enough time getting their basic day to day operations completed successfully. This means you most likely will not be able to handle your SEO in-house. You will get much more for your investment if you outsource to experienced professionals instead of paying a novice in-house.

It doesn’t matter if you sell EMS Books or chiropractic services in your small business. The best way to manage SEO for any small business is to select geographically targeted and long-tail keywords so that the most relevant potential customers find you. The smarter you are with your marketing efforts, the more efficient they will be. The more efficient your marketing efforts are, the more success you will come to enjoy.

Bryan Phelps is a full-fledged Internet addict. After building his first website at the age of 12, Bryan’s interests include search engine optimization, affiliate marketing and mobile web. Bryan is a Utah SEO consultant and uses his expertise to help business owners grow online through his internet marketing company, Big Leap Web.