Prosperent Vs Adsense – Prosperent Review

by Mick Meaney

Over the last few months I’ve seen a lot of sites promoting a fairly new ‘alternative’ to Adsense called Prosperent. The majority, if not all of these sites, rave about how great Prosperent is, and then conveniently supply an affiliate link to join the network.

However unlike most sites, I’ve done an actual side-by-side comparison.

It should be noted that in the interest of fairness, my tests were only done on RINF so your results may, and probably will vary.

So is Prosperent a viable alternative to Google Adsense?. The short answer is no. At least in my test.

Prosperent is a Cost Per Action (CPA) network, this means that you will earn each time somebody makes a purchase through your links. Just like any other affiliate network, no matter how many people click on your links, no earnings will be made until someone purchases a product.

With Adsense, earnings are made on both clicks and page impressions.

While it’s true that Adsense earnings for almost everybody has dropped in the last few years, Prosperent cannot be seen as an alternative yet because it does not allow you to earn money in the same way. The Click Through Rates (CTR) also vary greatly compared to Adsense. More about this in a second.

Like most webmasters, my immediate thought was “how about displaying both ad networks?”. This would be a great solution, giving us the best of both worlds.

However according to the Prosperent website you can only display Adsense as a fallback option, meaning both cannot be displayed on the same page at the same time. Displaying both networks on the same page at the same time would violate the Adsense terms of service, so it’s a case of one or the other.

Before I show you the results of my test, let me point out some positives. The Prosperent control panel is fantastic. Making ads is easy, the reporting is great and you can quickly customise the display of each ad. It aims to show targeted ads that are relevant to the content of the page, I’ve found this to be a bit hit and miss at times, but generally fairly decent.

The Adsense terms of service forbid me from revealing specific data about CTR, CPM and earnings, but it’s suffice to say it paints a very different picture compared to Prosperent.

I allowed Prosperent over 3,000 impressions and the test results were…

CTR: 0.16%
eCPM: $0.00
Earnings: $0.00

Not good. As you can see it’s a very low CTR and the total earnings from over 3,000 impressions was zilch.

My overall rating for Prosperent is 4 out of 10 – and that’s mainly because the user control panel and reporting is top notch, but still means little because it did not generate any revenue. Looks I’ll be sticking with Adsense for the time being.