Prepare your blogging calendar for 2011

by Mike Holly

It always pays to think ahead and guest blogging is no exception to this rule. Each year there are themes and keywords which always peak in popularity around the same time. Whilst most of these are fairly obvious there are always surprises. So use Google insights to check out the peaks.

It also pays to look back to the same year but 50, 100 or 200 years ago and check what anniversaries are coming up. Finally look ahead for big events and other newsworthy items. Have your blogs ready.

Monthly calendar for Americans

1. January. Skiing peaks December through to February.
2. February. Valentine’s day.
3. March. All easter activities
4. April. Taxes.
5. May & June. Swimwear and related areas. Also BBQ’s in June.
6. July. Ice cream peaks strongly on the 4th July. Loans are popular during June and July.
7. August. Usually a quiet month.
8. September. Harvesting.
9. October. Halloween.
10. November. Thanksgiving, turkeys and cooking.
11. December. All Christmas issues, gifts and related areas.

Anniversaries coming up.

Fifty years ago, in 1961, Barbie gets a boyfriend with the launch of the “Ken” doll. Coincidentally it also was the year when George Clooney was born ( He will be 50 on May 6th). More seriously it was a year with plenty of civil rights activity.

In July it will be 100 years since Hiram Bingham rediscovered Machu Picchu. Great for travel articles.

In August 1911 the Mona Lisa was stolen from the Louvre. Think of insurance, security and culture.

Two hundred years ago in 1811 the Juliana became the first steam powered ferry. It ran between New York and New Jersey. Could be used on a real estate blog as an example of new technology changing the way we view local areas.

Two hundred years ago the Luddites were making waves by destroying new milling machinery. Great for any technology blog.

Looking further ahead and making educated guesses.

The big forthcoming event is of course the Olympics in 2011 with all the associated demand on hotel rooms, TV screens and media.
There could well be a return of inflation and as it is unlikely that any American under 40 years old will know what it is like to live in inflationary times there is scope for good articles here.

Mike Holly lives and works in the North East and loves exploring Northumberland’s Cottages