Popular Businesses and SEO

When it comes to SEO, some people wonder why owners of unpopular businesses are luckier than owners of well-known businesses.

They say that it is harder to dominate search results for a keyword that belongs to a popular niche, especially when large companies and organizations are associated with that keyword even without the help of SEO. This is true, but there are ways to battle these industry giants without spending too much money. SEO is designed to cater to the promotion or advertising needs of small businesses, especially those for whom traditional advertising is not an option.

Owning a well-known business means having lots of competition

Having a business in a popular niche has its downsides as well. Since these niches are well-known, there’s a high competition for the strong keywords available. It’s unfortunate when some popular businesses want to use SEO for promotion and all the high-quality and high-rank keywords are already dominated by bigger companies and corporations.

On the other hand, uncommon businesses such as snake oil bottlers and test tube manufacturers do not enjoy the power of SEO, unlike what some people think. Generally, the strong keywords for these niches have no competition, pushing some of them to resort to black hat SEO methods just to make it on top. Some of them use non-related keywords just to get noticed.

SEO is not for everyone

There are business owners who see SEO as their only hope. They believe that SEO needs no feasibility study to understand, that SEO is just like any other advertising method that needs time and dedication to be successful. These business owners do the wise move of putting competition aside to focus on business promotion through their keywords.

Whatever you business is, if you believe in SEO’s capability to bring your business to success, you’ll take it seriously. SEO is definitely not for everyone, but it works for any business owner who believes in it and takes the time to understand and apply SEO techniques to promote his or her business.

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