More From Your Online Advertising: Creating Sitelinks in AdWords

Guest Post by Claire Jarrett from Marketing by Web

Adding Sitelinks to your AdWords campaigns are an extremely easy yet powerful way of increasing your Click Through Rate. You can see their power by examining the image below (I have underlined the sitelinks in red ink):

The beauty of sitelinks is the ability to direct people to different areas within your website, you don’t just have one opportunity to bring them in, you have several! In addition, the sitelinks can be used to substantially increase Click Through Rate as you can use them to display your USP.

As you can see from the accompanying image, you are able to add in links using non standard wording by capitalising all letters — I’ve also seen people include stars, triangles and such like as well.

Note that sitelinks will only appear if you are in the cream box at the top of the page (known as AdWords positions 1 to 3), so you will need to bid high enough, and have a high enough quality score to be able to appear here.

You might want to use sitelinks to tell people about:

– Free shipping offers

– Sale now on!

– Winner of xxx Award

– Biggest and the Best

– Etc

So how do you add sitelinks?

Go into Settings for the particular Campaign you wish to add them for.  Note that you will be adding sitelinks for the entire campaign, which can affect how you set up your campaigns, so do think carefully.

Scroll down the page until you see:

Sitelinks — Show additional links to my site within my ad: None

Click onto the None button and then add your links as detailed above! 

At present, you cannot track clicks on your sitelinks through AdWords, you can only do this by tagging each URL. Google are expected to add in the ability to track sitelinks clicks shortly.

Claire Jarrett is owner of Marketing By Web, an AdWords Management company based in Bristol, UK