Mapping Patterns of Internet Marketing Success

by Kaiser Mangampo

Although there are still a lot of businesses that choose to stick to offline marketing, more and more companies, big and small alike, are shifting to the benefits and advantages that the Internet has to offer.

It is undeniable that, indeed, a lot of entrepreneurs find it too risky to venture to online marketing because of lingering doubts on account security, efficiency to increase sales, mastering new techniques in promotion and advertising, and studying how to use the internet in doing business. To put it simply, internet marketing is a new concept for most seasoned businessmen, and the learning curve is just too tedious to bridge especially if competition is very stiff.

Regardless of these fears, however, internet marketing has already come a long way since it started making waves in the 1990’s. And, for a business strategy to get this kind of credibility and popularity in almost two decades since it was first tried, internet marketing is surely something worth venturing on.

What could account for this kind of reputation? Simple. Despite all foreseen problems that this business strategy could bring, its benefits are much more overwhelming. This explains the kind of patronage it has garnered in the recent years.

The most major advantage that marketing online has is that it was able to answer some of the major problems that offline businesses experience. These are the cost and scope of promotions.

In traditional offline business, bigger companies that can afford the extravagant cost of advertising have the edge over their competitors who do not have enough resources to fund such promotional strategies. Yet, with the availability of online marketing, anybody could advertise from scratch. Yes, there might also be paid Internet marketing advertising, but other businesses have the option of doing this for free. The difference between paid and free advertising online is not much with regards to result so long as the one using free promotions is equipped with guaranteed techniques.

The scope of advertising is also limitless. So long as a person has internet access, he could become a potential audience for promotion. This means that it has become much easier for local businesses to expand their target customers and they can do so without having to put up franchises in different regions. Social networking sites, the most common trend nowadays, do not only bridge relationships. They have also become a very effective way of letting everybody know across the globe that somebody in Japan sells car accessories. With offline businesses, this can only become possible if that Japanese car accessory dealer spends millions of dollars for advertisement.

It should also be noted that the Internet is always evolving, thus also is online marketing. This makes the playing field even. Seniority will not be a very big factor in the success of an industry. New businesses will have more leverage in toppling and competing against much bigger and older businesses granting these new businesses have enough skills and talent to maximize the potentials of online marketing.

Surely, there will still be a lot of offline businesses that would refuse to expand their reaches through online marketing. This is the choice that they have to make. However, with the great things that Internet marketing has to offer, it is with great certainty that these businesses will surely have a lot to lose in the long run.

Kaiser Mangampo is a blogger from Philippines and the founder of Kaiser Webs Solutions.