Inspiring Self-starters and How Internet Marketing Helped Them

by Jason Acar from Skills Online

Online courses are the first step to internet wealth. Do you think you have missed the opportunity to board the Internet cash train? Think again. Daily, people are getting sites and businesses off the ground that, with the correct internet marketing approach, can become the next big thing.

Google, Facebook, YouTube, Amazon — all of these sites started with an idea, were created by hard work, and then using the correct promotional efforts, became billion dollar businesses. Stories on these successes are widely available on the internet, and all show a similar trend. Like Jeff Bezos, who started Amazon by selling books out of his garage online, a humble idea snowballed into unbelievable wealth due to smart promotion and fulfilling a need.

To show you that internet success is not only limited to the industry giants, here are some other ultra-successful businesses that have been started with little more than an internet connection, some initiative and a willingness to learn more about internet marketing tools:

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Markus Frind, of Vancouver, British Columbia, was shown a dating site by a friend and says he was bored after struggling to get any conversation going without having to pay for everything. At the time, he told his friend that he could make something better and it would be free. He then registered, created an index page and forgot about it. Two years later, with friends being laid off and Frind decided to put some more effort into his site. Reading information from online SEO courses, he began promoting the site and it grew via word of mouth and through search engines. Markus began making some money out of Google Adsense once it launched, raking in $5.63 in his first month. This grew substantially until he revealed a cheque from Google in July 2006 of an amount of over $900 000 for a two month period.

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Catherine Cook, her brother Dave, and later their older brother Geoff, developed a social-networking site geared toward high school students. The idea came about when Catherine and Dave were flipping through their high school yearbook. Merging with, they allowed more people to view their site and had to hold out against potential investors who wanted them to move to New York. By 2006, was rated as one of the top site for children between 12 and 17, and now attracts advertising from massive corporations such as Disney and ABC.

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Aged 14, Detroit resident Ashley Qualls launched the site in 2004 as a portfolio of her work. She then began giving out help on MySpace layouts and taught other teens how to make their own designs and some coding. Roping in advertising, the site claims to have over seven million individual visitors per month. By 2006, Qualls had reportedly been offered $1.5 million for the site, but turned it down and is the outright owner of the business.
Using online training, which is offered by a number of online “schools”, will give you the head start you need in this competitive but exciting arena. Online courses and the internet give you the tools — get out there and create your own pot of gold.

Jason Acar currently does copywriting for the Skills Online Group, a quality supplier of online courses and online training who cover everything from freelancing to internet marketing.