Is Advertising A Fast Track To Internet Success?

by Marcus Blalock

The way to make money in today’s society is simple: put it on the web. Regardless of whether you have a product to sell or a service to market, it’s going to be there–or it should be. Owners have to ask themselves, “How do I advertise my website? What do I have to do to promote my site?” The answer is pretty simple, in that you can either take the time, effort and money to train yourself in online advertising, or you hire a professional. Since there is rarely time for the first, that leaves the other, but before you lock yourself into contracts and potentially end up in trouble, take a bit of time to do the following.


Even if you don’t have the time to put yourself through courses in web advertising and design, you need a crash-course in the subject, to at least be able to stay on the same page as the pros when they are going over what they can do for you and how. Ask yourself, “How can I trust someone to advertise my website if I have no idea what they could do for me?” Someone who is entirely clueless is going to end up getting their hat handed to them–and their wallet lightened, with little or nothing in return. The internet is an anonymous place, where anyone can be anything, and you need to know the difference between the real thing and an imposter. So do your research, download some ebooks and watch some series online on the subject. Buy some real books if you prefer that. However you do it, learn as much as you can, as quickly as you can. Then you can say honestly, “I know what to look for and what to do to promote my site. I know the best tools and tactics to advertise my website”.

“I Want to Promote My Site. Where do I Start?”

When you have brought yourself up to speed, you need to find a trusty partner in tech. Since there are thousands of companies out there who want nothing better than to work for you, and they are literally all over the world. The best place to start is with your peers, those with similar businesses or those whom you trust, who have some experience in the field. Find out who they trust to do their work. Then take your search online and do some snooping. Narrow down a list. Then set up consultations, which should be free.

Ask the Hard Questions

Before the sit-down (which will be virtual, most likely, unless you find firms in your local area), compile a list of questions to ask, so you can evaluate the responses.

– What are your credentials?

– May I have references?

– May I have or see samples of your previous work?

– How would you advertise my website?

– What specific tactics would you use to promote my site?

– What kind of conversion rate do you have?

– What are your rates?

If they’re not willing to give references or samples, be on your guard. Someone who wants the work and can do it well will give you what you ask for, without reservation, because they aren’t afraid of being challenged. Someone who avoids giving you more information could potentially be less than professional.

Once you have gotten the answers you need, ask them to submit a marketing plan with cost estimates and examples. From there, you should be well on your way to making more money on the web, with an effectively advertised site.

This is a guest report from Marcus Blalock.