Google Sends Websites Into A Tizzy

by Nitin Aggarwal

If there is anything which is constant in SEO, it is change. Google has a way to keep all of us on our toes. The latest is their change in search algorithm. Though we just can’t do much about it but lump it, it might be a good idea to understand what motivated Google to change the search algorithm once again. If I remember correctly, the last big change happened quite a while ago.

The JC Penney black hat technique

There is a lot of buzz that JC Penney fooled the Google search engine by creating thousands of backlinks from dummy sites which they created just for this purpose. With this trick JC Penney managed to do great online business worth billions during the holiday season. If I were Google I would get raving mad about it and blacklist the company.  But wait a minute – Google never did this. Why? Bcos’ JC Penney paid two and a half million dollars to Google only for the AdWords program. No doubt, Google kept its cool. Had it been you, they would have done away with you without as much as a grunt. Just goes to show that Google is after all human.

But it must have rankled

Though, Google kept quiet, it must have hit a nerve somewhere and hence this massive change in their search algorithm. This idea is purely hypothetical and I do give credit only to myself for it – I mean JC Penney driving Google to change search algorithm yet again. Like it happens in a drunken driving case, it is the bystanders who got hit by this change. Ezine has reported a 35% drop in its traffic from organic search. There are no reports as to how JC Penney has taken it.

The message is clear 

Google seems to be going green but in a different way. They no longer want junk content. So, content sites, which cater to these junkies, must now be cautious. Article directories must watch their content. If you look carefully, sites like Squidoo, have escaped with just a few bruises. This is because they already have strict guidelines in place as to what is acceptable and what is junk. This goes to show that there is some kind of discrimination between different content providers.

The changed scenario

With the new dispensation in place, website owners are relooking at their SEO strategy. Will quality of backlinks be affected? This is an important question, since article submission to sites like ezine will decrease dramatically if quality of backlinks were an issue. At the same time, it has once again been proved that quality content will remain an important criterion for search engine optimization.


This is not the last time when Google modifies its search algorithm. We are still a very long way away from a perfect search algorithm. There are still many ways to cheat search engines. JC Penney is a very good example. As long as our search remains imperfect, the search for a perfect search algorithm will continue. We will once again go into a tizzy.

Nitin Aggarwal is the owner of the company Offshore Ally. His team comprises of dedicated virtual assistant and SEO link builders services. He is a blogger and a gaming enthusiast. He also loves to read about new SEO strategies, social media, blogging, SEM etc. Connect with him via Twitter.