Google Says Bloggers Shouldn’t Change Internet Marketing or SEO Strategy

Google has confirmed that it’s new update, Google Instant, does not affect SEO.

With so many Internet marketers and SEO experts speculating what the update will mean for their websites, Google have officially told webmasters and bloggers not to change their marketing strategy.

They have made it clear that Instant does not alter the results of search pages, nor is it an update to the Google algorithm that ranks web pages.

Alden DeSoto, a member of the Google Analytics team, said: “Should I change my search advertising strategy to serve ads on to partial keywords (e.g. if I sell flowers, should I advertise on “flow”)?

This is not a productive strategy. Please note that ads are triggered based on the ‘predicted query’ and not the stem that the users types in. So, in this example, the partial query ‘flow’ triggers results for the predicted query of ‘flowers’. The only way someone can see your ad for ‘flow’ is if they specifically searched for that word and hit enter or clicked search. And since you sell flowers, it’s not likely that your ad for flowers will be served alongside such a generic and irrelevant word.”

This news should come as relief to bloggers and webmasters concerned with marketing their websites through the search engine.