Good Writing = Good SEO?

by Ajeet Khurana

Is search engine optimization all about conning the search engines? That is the impression one would get if one traveled around the many SEO blogs on the Internet. One day it is about stuffing keywords in the body text of the article; on another day it is about referral spam. On yet another day, it is about setting up millions of profile links.

Is that what search engine optimization is all about? Is it us versus Google? Is it finding new ways to take one’s garbage higher up in search engine ranks?

I got into writing online content in 2002. Along with writing, naturally, I wanted to rank well in search engines. That introduced me to the amazing world of search engine optimization.

I am proud to say that all the sites that I optimized, mine as well as those of friends and associates did well across algorithm changes by Google.

What went right you ask? Quite simple: I used the principle that good search engine optimization is not about cracking the search rank algorithm of Google, or any other search engine. Instead good search and optimization is about having good website practices.

RINF site has several articles on what constitutes good website practices. Today let me focus on one that is quite dear to me. Writing!

Despite the growth in Internet video, images, photograph sharing and the like, the Internet continues to remain a predominantly text-based medium. This means that people spend a lot of time reading on the Internet. It could be e-mail, social media, micro-blogs, blogs, online publications, newsletters, or just good old plain articles.

As a result, one needs to ensure that the written word is:
a. Written well.
b. Clear in communication.
c. Grammatically sound.

If your writing is poor, it often camouflages the quality of your idea. You might have something great to say, but you don’t know how to say it. As a result you lose credibility and engagement, readers lose interest and loyalty. No one wants to read your content!

I know, I know, I do wish that the world would not judge a book by its cover. But good language is not about being superficial. Good language is about spending time and effort to improve one’s language, proofread, and improve one’s composition; because one realizes the value of good language.

So what does one do if one does not have good English? Naturally, the answer depends on how poor the English is. But if you are one of those who can write good English but are out of practice. I recommend that you go back to class.

What class? Well, go back to the time when you were taught writing at school.

How were you taught writing? The primary instrument of developing writing skills was essay writing. So why not do that again?

I think that writing essays on various topics provides one the right stimulus and opportunity to improve one’s writing skills. There are so many different types of essays: descriptive, character, compare and contrast, formal, argumentative, analytical… the list just goes on. When you write all of these essays, you naturally tend to learn one important dimension of writing, or another. Thereby becoming better at writing on the whole.

And if you are an online marketer, what better than being able to write, or at least discern, good writing.

The author of this article, Ajeet Khurana is a twice published writer with McGraw-Hill. In addition, he runs an essay writing site. On this site, you can learn how to write a formal essay, an expository essay, and much more.