Different Levels Of IT-Based Assistance For Corporate Structures

by Conroy James

Soaring Competition Demands Something Extra

Businesses all around the world have to face one factor generally, i.e. increasing competition. This is especially true for an online business scenario.

As they say, “desperate times need desperate measures”, so this increased competition has led to expand the horizons of web development and now any professional web designer who wants to survive in the industry needs to come up with freshness and uniqueness to make his mark in the industry.

Intranet, Extranet, and Web Portal Development
As the business of all scales, be it small, medium, or large, faces increasing demands of clients and users, they feel compelled to adopt and adapt innovative business solutions that can help increase the productivity of their business.

Intranet, Extranet, and various Web Portals come under the category of such innovative business solutions, helping businesses to serve the industry and general people with improved ideas. Described below are some of the most important aspects of all three of these mediums in assisting business corporations of various levels all across the world.

The Contributions of Intranet
In its essence, intranet refers to a private computer network that most appropriately serves to share useful and critical information of any organization amongst its employees. The role of intranet is very significant in corporate cultural development.

It expands it wingspan much more than simple phone book sharing or HR manual sharing that was deemed more than enough some time ago. Now, corporate culture is one big beneficiary of expertise of intranet in sharing much needed critical information at all levels of the corporation, irrespective of its size.

This concept is catering the business needs of organizations all across the world to help them function far more effectively in offering services of highest possible levels to their clients.

The Contributions of Extranet in Providing Competitive Edge to Business Setups
Extranets slightly differ from Intranets in their functionality. They are basically web-enabled closed-loop networks serving within the confines of an organization. Extranets are aiding small and medium sized business corporations all over the world by establishing highly efficient and productive communication means to interact with their clients, partners, and customers in a bid to help them provide timely and worthy services to the industry in particular, and the whole society in general.

These offer various levels of information sharing and information access, varying from situation to situation, depending upon the level of exposure needed to complete a particular task. Extranets enable corporations to extend their information sharing at different levels and with different people including their own employees, distributors, or even end users, thus making it a highly dynamic information-sharing phenomenon contributing in industry’s further evolution.

The Assistance of Corporate Web Portals
A corporate Web Portal, often referred as enterprise web portal, is basically an internal website at corporate level comprising of a home page. This home page serves as a single-access point offering a central access to whole corporate structure and their content database.

It provides great assistance in searching, collaboration, and communication tools by extending interaction options, supporting individual departments as well as supports corporate synchronization. It also supports the activities of workgroups and project specified intranet setups, going as far as supporting online applications and security concerns.

For corporate structure, this kind of setup serves as one-stop shop, or one-window operation facility; a gateway for users’ information collaboration needs. Centralized access to all the information, with the additional facility of manipulating and using this corporate information makes things work for corporate structure like never dreamt before.
This not only serves the organizational needs of various business setups all across the world, but it contributes greatly in overall development and evolution of the domain.

Conroy James is a Professional Web Designer Working for Over Four Years in a USA Web Design Company.