Creative On-Site Back-linking Link Building Techniques

Guest Post by Claire Jarrett from Marketing By Web |

The number and quality of back-links linking to your page or site is perhaps the No .1 factor that can make or break your site in the search engine results pages. However, many website owners rush out to quickly gather as many links as possible, disregarding the type and quality of links incoming to their site. This is counter-productive. It should be considered that one link from a high-quality, authoritative, relevant, trafficked site will be better than 1000 links from poor-quality, unrelated pages.

Above all, your link profile should appear to be natural, so it follows that the best way to achieve this is to generate natural links. Generating natural links does not mean you sit back and do nothing. But you are going to try and get relevant webmasters to link to your site of their own accord.

There are a lot of different strategies to go after these high-quality, relevant links. We hear time and again that content is king and your focus should be on generating the best site you can. Some experts would suggest this is the only thing you require and the rest will take care of itself, but this is not so easy to bear when you are trying to get a new site up and you’re competing against an established site with an impressive back-link profile. You may need to think outside the box.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution but being creative can generate an explosion of leads if played correctly. These are just some ideas to get the link juice flowing — for real success you will need to tweak these for your own niche or come up with similar ideas.
Creative link-bait is an excellent way to draw in natural links. If you can build a tool, a guide, a calculator, a game, a quiz — that is truly unique, or the best in your niche — then links will begin to flow naturally. Other webmasters in your niche will see the benefit of offering your tool to their readers, and you will begin to see relevant links coming in and spreading. Think about ways you can take this further. Can you offer a tool that people can put on their site for free, with an innocent link back to the benevolent provider?

Can you think of ways people might begin to automatically spread your tool for you, so it appears on more and more sites?

Affiliate schemes are an interesting way to boost links, if you offer a genuine product that instantly convinces established webmasters that your product could be purchased by their visitors, then running your own affiliate scheme gives you control over where these links point to in your site. It takes time and effort, but allows you to contact higher ranking webmasters with a simple proposal that can make them money. You can and should spend days bending over backward for that one big affiliate, but also set up a simple way for the smaller fish to sign up to your scheme.

Are you in a niche where you can release exciting or controversial content that will rapidly traverse the blogosphere, and hopefully news networks? A well written news item, controversial topic or blog post, backed by a social media and blog posting campaign can spread like wildfire. Think about similar ideas in your niche. What can you write that will get people fired up, interested and commenting, without damaging your professional image? Do you have access to information or research that others do not? Can you think of a funny, original or controversial spin on an old topic?

Before rushing out to purchase low quality links to a site that is barely ready, think about how your site itself will attract links. It is the backbone of your link building campaign. Without a compelling site with a genuine reason for people to link to it, the links will never stick. Start your campaigns at the heart of your online business — your site. Think about unique and interesting ways that your site can stand out and give other webmasters a real reason to link to you. Only then should you think about how to best maximize the links these features will bring you.

Claire Jarrett operates Marketing By Web, who are an AdWords Company based in Bristol in the UK.