Creating A Website – Think As A Visitor

Every company, no matter how big or small, has a webpage. It is almost impossible to come across a business owner who feels that their business is better off without an online presence. As the demand for websites grew, so did the value of web designers. Very good web designers went from making homepages for themselves and their pets to working for some of the biggest conglomerates in the world. These days, web designing is considered to be an essential skill, right up there with arithmetic and basic science. The problem is, as more and more people clamour to learn web designing, there is a plethora of software available that does most of the coding and hard work. As a result, web designers are getting increasingly reckless and sacrificing aesthetics; a major cause for why we run into websites that are absolute monstrosities. Here are 3 important tips for web designers that will help them create websites that people would want to visit:

Simple Navigation:

The most common complaint that people make about websites is that it is too hard to navigate. The main purpose for visiting a website is to acquire information about a particular company, service or product. The faster a person can access the information they are looking for, the more favourable their attitude to the website. It does not reflect well if an individual cannot navigate easily through the website and decides to move on to some other website. An important part of good navigation is to not only place appropriate links where they are required, but also labelling or annotating them clearly so people know exactly which webpage they are navigating to.

Quick to Load:

Many web designers treat the creation of a website as a work of art. That is not such a bad thing since creativity is very important to create exceptionally good web pages. The problem is that with the amount of tools available to a web designer, they can very easily go over the top and end up creating massive pages that take forever to load. Not everyone has super-fast high-bandwidth Internet as most web designers do and it’ll be in their best interest for web designers to remember that. Nothing irks people more than having to wait forever for a website to load.

Suitable Colours:

A website that misuses colours can make visitors feel as if their retinas are on fire. Besides, bad colour combination can make a webpage look very jumbling and can causes confusion among those trying to navigate the site. A good rule to follow is the Rule of Tincture, which primarily divides colours into two groups: I. Gold (yellow) and silver (white) II. Everything else. As long as two colours from the same group do not come in contact with each other, the end result should be pleasing to the eyes.

A website is supposed to represent a brand or company and it reflects very poorly upon them if the website is not designed to acceptable levels. By following these 3 simple tips, web designers should be able to create excellent websites, without stifling their creativity.

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