Cheap Internet Marketing Techniques Which Are Easy On The Pocket

by Rahil Muzafar

Any blog, website, online store, or any other kind of online entity that’s interested in making money via internet, or even some offline business, or organization that’s looking for some publicity, has got to spend on internet marketing. Internet marketing used to be a relatively cheaper medium, it is still quite inexpensive, but costs are rising with the ever increasing competition, and companies are likely to spend more and more, because of much better ROI as compared to some offline advertising mediums.

Whilst not all businesses need to spend recklessly, still ignoring internet marketing and not spending anything, is not an option anymore (at least not if you’re sincere with your business). If you’re spending no time, or no money on online marketing, then your site/blog/store would forever remain anonymous, no matter how cool is the content.

When it comes to internet marketing, there are two ways to try this. First, you can hire a company, pay them a fix amount each month and watch them utilize (or squander) your money, or you can start getting acquainted with internet marketing, learn the do’s and don’ts, try different platforms, monitor results, and persist with the most cost effective ones.
All of this might take up considerable time, but it’s totally worth it.

The best thing about internet marketing is that there are some amazingly cheap, but far reaching mediums that, if used smartly, can supersede the costly ones by a long shot.
Interested? Let’s take a look.


Stands for search engine optimization, and is currently the most awesome branch of internet marketing. Whilst it has been criticized by some annoyed “googlers” who think SEO guys have ruined their searching experience, however all those rants combined can’t make it any less advantageous for the businesses that are looking for free, targeted traffic. Regardless of all those anti-SEO rhetoric and innumerable Google updates, Search Engine Optimization will remain advantageous as long as search engines are there. And even if search engines are taken over by the next big thing, SEO will transform into Social Media Optimization or ‘whatever is the next big thing’ optimization.

So, if you are looking to make the most of internet marketing, and you’ve got a business website, then not trying to bring into play, the wonders of SEO, can prove to be an irredeemable oversight for your business. Even if you cannot afford one of those high-priced professionals or agencies, you should at least make sure that your website is search engine friendly. Besides, basic SEO is not something that’d cost you a lot, especially if you can target the right keywords. Nothing beats the satisfaction of watching the number of unique visitors, coming from search engines, increasing gradually.

Social Networks:

Irrespective of what they were actually intended for, social networks like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, are turning into some great facilitators for small businesses, looking to reach out to their potential clients with their message. Facebook alone has a user base of more than 500 million people. With a little bit of astuteness, and lots of apps at your disposal, you have got a number of options to pitch your ideas, products, or services without putting yourself at risk of being flagged as spam. If nothing else, you will still be getting some invaluable feedback that will help in product creation and marketing.

Using Fivvr or similar Websites

Internet gives the entrepreneurs the permit to try different ideas (because of the low cost), many do, and every now and then, we see one of these ideas clicking and making it big, beyond anybody’s expectations. Fivvr is one of those ideas, GroupOn is another, and there are innumerable success stories out there. If you are looking to utilize cheaper or even free ways to promote, you must keep an eye on some of these upcoming platforms i.e. social media websites which are getting lots of attention and traffic. However, you’ll have to think of a way to use them, for example, in case of Fivvr or similar websites, you can think of a gig which is related to your business, the gig might not bring you any sales or profit, in fact you might even have to suffer some loss, but you can surely get some leads or subscribers by smartly using this platform.

Press Release

A press release is nothing more than an announcement, related to your business, and meant for media people. There are a number of Press Release distribution services, some free, while others will charge a fixed amount. All you need to do is to think of some newsworthy angle to your business, and distribute a press release to different PR websites. That’s free publicity, but if you can write one with a catchy title, and use some premium syndication service, there’s a chance that your press releases will get picked by the bloggers, even better, it will make its way to industry specific news portals. If that happens, this simple press release can give a real boost to your business (a temporary boost, but then it’s almost free).


YouTube is another huge platform, and there are reasons to believe that it will continue to grow. More and more videos will take the place of text in many cases; there are many internet surfers who’d prefer watching a video over going through heaps of texts, and then there are countless interesting videos going viral and getting lots and lots of clicks. That doesn’t mean that videos will take over the text, however videos have the potential to spread like wildfire, considerably more than what some content in text form can achieve. You must tap into this platform and try coming up with some interesting video that relates to your business. Again, a video is not going to cost a lot with lots of free video editing tools out there, but you’ll have to be a little creative. Maybe you will have to prey on your targeted customers and see what are they sharing, and create a somewhat similar video (doesn’t mean you should make a ditto copy, but there’s a lot to take inspiration from).

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