Building Relationships with Social Links

Building Relationships with Social Links

Social media has turned the online world upside down, as search engines recently altered the algorithms that factor in who would be listed at the top of user searches. While the SEO techniques of the past can still help the ranking of a website with the search engines, you can quickly improve your overall SE ranking by utilizing the social media boom to your advantage. When you have a lot of quality Social Links to relevant content you can expect your website positioning to improve in the eyes of search engine algorithms and interested consumers!

What is Social Linking?

Social linking includes connecting your own social media campaign to individuals, companies, or content that is relevant to your given industry using likes, tweets, +1s etc… This is important, as it allows us to blend our own original content with the content of others, establishing a “hub” of sorts and enhancing the value to those that follow our social media pages. While it’s easy to get caught up in linking content to your page, which is never a bad practice, we must also be cognizant of increasing our followers, friends, and likes. This is how we are able to expand our listening base, and ensure that our efforts are not falling on deaf ears — or worse, no ears at all!

How to Properly View Your “Linking Strategy”

Many who have success with social linking understand that their entire strategy is designed to establish a branding channel that interested parties can listen to. Other providers, industry players, or customers can all share their thoughts, views, or concepts via your channel, and when you have a community that centers on your brand, you can reap the benefits associated with becoming an authority on a particular topic.
For a moment, put yourself in the shoes of a potential customer:

When you make your purchase decisions, how do you decide who you will trust? Many consumers are driven by pricing, but when pricing is relatively the same across an industry, you will likely elect to choose providers that are “experts” in the industry.

And, remember we are still thinking as consumers here, what will sway your decision and help you to decide whether or not an organization is an industry leader? You guessed it — content. When visiting their page, do they social link to content that interested you or pertains to the industry? Further, are they in touch with changes to their craft, and consistently deliver their own original content to exhibit their own knowledge and professionalism? If so, you’ll likely feel as though they know what they’re doing, and have the ability to handle your project.

By putting ourselves in the shoes of consumers, we can understand how purchase decisions are made. With a social media page that includes a diverse sampling of our own blogs and posts, links to important information delivered by other organizations, and plenty of customers that already have a vested interest in the topic, we can establish a channel that can be leveraged as an exhibition of our organizational expertise and professionalism.

Social linking has enjoyed increased popularity due to the shift in search engine optimization criteria. By stretching your own social campaign across several sites and linking it to relevant communities, we can dramatically increase the virtual size of our organization, pushing us higher on search queue listings. This improvement inevitably leads to higher sales, greater industry interest, and of course, an improved reputation that can initiate sales for years to come!

John Lessnau

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