Build an SEO Content Diversification Strategy to Unlock Links Your Competition Can’t

by Brett Alan

Don’t let the administrative tone of developing a Content Diversification Strategy–AKA CDS–put you off. Content diversification is a simple concept that when applied correctly can open up a whole new planet of link building opportunities to open-minded SEOs via podcasting, e-books, video and other forms of multi media.

The concept behind CDS is straightforward. The more strains of content you’re able to create, the more communities open up for the plundering of both links and traffic. And by taking the effort to develop your own CDS, you’ll open up link opportunities that don’t exist for your competition simply because they don’t, can’t, or won’t publish content in different formats.

And perhaps best of all, unlike written content, podcasting and video let you build links and citations across multiple sources leveraging the same piece of content.

So why in 2011 do so many businesses still limit themselves to one kind of digital content? Most don’t see the full opportunity in creating diverse content for link acquisition or marketing to new audiences. Some believe content creation will be cost prohibitive or a slightly higher barrier of entry discourages them from trying. Others still, worry they won’t be good at creating the content.

I say, let your competition continue to accept every one of these limiting beliefs as you cultivate your own CDS to become a competitive online advantage. Your websites will have the potential to open up a world of links and traffic, while your competition will remain marooned on their tiny island of singular content–restricted and limited by the type of information they choose to create.

But if you find yourself in a rut generating homogeneous content, fear not. There’s still time to break the cycle. Here’s a simple outline you can use to help decide which type of media is right for you and a few of the link opportunities that can open up as a result of following through with your own content development strategy.

Images: We’ll begin with content that has the lowest barrier of entry aside from plain-old text. That’s right images and photographs. Don’t get stressed out about this one if you don’t have a professional photographer or designer on staff. Shooting circa National Geographic spreads is not a requirement for success and there’s no need to spend a lot of money purchasing an expensive camera either.

All you really need to do is lay down $200 for a decent camera and start snapping interesting photos that are relevant to the audience. Or, as ridiculous as it may sound, committing 30-minutes in Microsoft Paint can often do the trick to outline a mind-map or diagram that helps illustrate a point.

Make sure to let people know you have a Creative Commons License for each image to encourage link credit and citations from other content creators.

Unique Link Opportunities for Image Creators:,,,

Ebook / Special Report: Got a few pages of solid content and a couple decent graphics? Well, you’ve already got everything you need to create a free report or ebook you can leverage to build more links.

All you need to do is organize the content into MSWord or Open Office, export the file as a PDF, and voila! You’ve got a quality resource to distribute across the interweb that contains backlinks to your website.

Unique Opportunities for E-book / Special Report Creators:,,

Podcast: Podcasting is one of the content types that carry the biggest illusion of difficulty along with it. But trust me, there’s no prerequisite for a degree in audio production or need to spend a lot of money getting started here either.

Download a free program called Audacity to record audio then purchase a microphone / headset from a retailer like Best Buy and you’ve got everything you need to get started.

If you’re worried about how you’re going to fill 30-minutes for a podcast try doing interviews. Generating a few questions for discussion takes little time and it’s a great way to get introduced to the big players in your niche.

Unique Opportunities for Podcast Creators:,,, iTunes (There are literally thousands of podcast directories that can be leveraged for link building.)

Video: Video is another strain of content that can make organizations second guess themselves. Isn’t video editing equipment expensive? Don’t professional cameras cost thousands of dollars?

These used to be significant barriers of entry for video, but that isn’t the case any longer. In the last few years video equipment and cameras have become affordable enough for anyone to get started. And if you don’t have anyone in the organization that’s comfortable on camera, no worries. You can always start with screen casting.

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Brett Alan is the owner of a white-label SEO reseller you can use to outsource client work, content generation, link building, and more.